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Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower (other than Victoria’s Secret): Part 2

As we discussed in part 1 of this series, Victoria’s Secret has become such a household name in  women’s lingerie that it’s often the only option we even think about when trying to figure out where to shop for a lingerie shower. I mean, you’re not going to pick her up a pack of Hanes at Walmart, am I right? Vicky Secret it is! But the reality is there are lots and lots of beautiful (and yes, affordable) brands out there waiting to be discovered. As you survey the sea of gifts at the party, you can be proud that yours is the only one not in a pink striped bag. You might even find a new favorite in the process and end up picking out a little something for yourself! See more alternative lingerie brands here.

True & Co.True & Co. Wedding Lingerie

True & Co.’s goal is to change the way you shop for lingerie. Each style is crafted to fix common undergarment woes, like slipping straps, spill over, too-tight bands or extra material in all the wrong places. Once you take a short fit quiz about your bra experience, they’ll create a personal shop filled with styles that will work for you. Ask the bride to take the quiz or just opt for one of their can’t-fail, timelessly sexy styles, like the longline lace Bardot or the so-soft-and-stretchy lace Gramercy bralette (seriously the best bra I have ever owned).

Available at trueandco.com 

Honeydew Intimates

Honeydew Intimates lingerie

Bride not so much the “vixen in black” type? The playful pieces from Honeydew Intimates feature lots of quirky prints and bright colors perfect for a bride with a bright personality. The line also carries a full range of loungewear, so a tomboy bride can enjoy her honeymoon breakfast in a cute pair of lounge shorts and a comfy-cozy top.

Available at honeydewintimates.comNordstrom, ShopBop and other retailers

Only Hearts
Only Hearts wedding lingerie

This romantic New York-based line extends far beyond lingerie, carrying everything from silky kimonos for honeymoon lounging to flowy sheath dresses perfect for a sunset stroll on the beach. The real stars are their lacy bra and panty sets though—try the slightly naughty Golden Key set in bridal white, complete with a tasseled blindfold ($132).

Shops in New York and Los Angeles, and available online at onlyhearts.com, Journelle, Nordstrom and  other retailers


BHLDN wedding prep robe and bridal lingerie

BHLDN (pronounced Beholden) is a little bit boho, a little bit Victorian and a whole lot of gorgeous. Their lacy underpinnings are perfect for the vintage bride. Plus, there really is something for everyone, as the line runs from sex kitten in thigh highs and a garter belt to demure maiden in a camisole and tap shorts. Treat her to a heritage piece of lingerie with the Guipure Lace Demi Bra, crafted from real Leaver’s lace. Their Painted Petal Robes would also be the perfect gift for the bride the morning of her wedding. (Be sure to check out the Sale section as you can find their signature pieces dramatically marked down at the end of each season and snap them right up.)

Available at bhldn.com


Skivviebox lingerie monthly subscription boxWant to splurge on a gift that will keep on giving? Check out SkivvieBox, a monthly subscription service for lingerie (yep, that exists)! At $59.99 a month, it’s a bit pricey, but think about asking each bridesmaid or a group of friends to chip in for a month each. Every month the bride will receive a designer lingerie set valued at $100-$150 and custom-picked just for her depending on her style, whether she’s a beautiful basics or party underneath type.

Available at skivviebox.com 

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Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower (Other Than Victoria’s Secret)

So, the title of this post might make you think I have something against Victoria’s Secret, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I buy their underwear and love it! I’m wearing a pair now (TMI?). But that’s just the point—Victoria’s Secret is so ubiquitous and is the go-to for so many women that when it comes time to buy something for a lingerie shower, it just doesn’t feel that special. The bride could easily buy these pieces for herself. She might already have one or two! She’s certainly seen it in the store before. And, especially if you are purchasing from VS’s bridal line, there’s a good chance you’ll end up buying something that another guest has purchased too.

In that spirit, I wanted to introduce you to a few brands outside the norm, beyond the pink stripes. This will give you a chance to shop around and to gift her with something completely unique and unexpected. Who knows, you might even decide to mix up your own lingerie routine!


Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower: Journelle

Want a one-stop shop to rival Victoria’s Secret? Journelle is it. This retailer carries many of the brands mentioned here—like Eberjey, Princesse Tam Tam, Myla and more—as well as their own line of intimates and sleepwear. Founder Claire Chambers found lingerie options to be lacking in the United States after living a few years abroad and founded the company to make designer brands accessible to all. You can visit one of their four locations in NYC or cyber shop to your heart’s content on the website. Not sure of the bride’s intimate style and want to send her a gift card instead? This is a great option.

Available at journelle.com


Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower: Eberjey

Eberjey has a relaxed, sexy vibe that makes these the perfect romantic yet comfy undies to lounge in all day—hopefully in some exotic locale. The color palette is soft and feminine and the styles incorporate intricate yet modern cuts. Their bridal collection includes fluttery chemises for only $49 or gorgeous statement bras for up to $65. Want something with a little more edge? The black scalloped Carmen underwire bra ($65) does sexy-chic right.

Available at eberjey.com, Anthropologie, Journelle, and other retailers

CLO Intimo

Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower: CLO Intimo

Inspired by her South American roots, CLO Intimo founder and Colombia native Claudia Ochoa creates striking modern lingerie in earthy colors that accentuate the natural curves of the female body. Choose from the lacy Fortuna collection (bras $52, thong $24) or the more sporty colorblocked Kali collection (bra $49, thong $22).

Available at clostudio.com, shopbop.com, and Journelle


Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower: Myla

This high-end British brand makes statement lingerie incorporating Leaver’s lace and hand-done details. The quality and construction of the pieces make them practically keepsakes—and they do have a price tag to match. The Eustacia bridal line is crafted from Swiss tulle and French eyelash lace and the bra alone is $280. But one of my personal favorite collections, the more modern Arietta line, has a slightly lower price point at $150 for the lacy black and royal blue contoured bra and $100 for the matching thong. This is a gorgeous and timelessly sexy option, perhaps to go in together with another guest at the shower for a joint gift.

Available at myla.com, in select stores, and at shopbop.com 

Hanky Panky

Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower: Hanky Panky

This made-in-the-USA brand specializes in underwear that is a little bit cheeky and totally colorful, all at a modest price point. Their signature look is lacy and bright, using a custom stretch fabric that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. They also have a good selection of plus size and maternity styles, celebrating that every body is beautiful. (And for the Lily Pulitzer-obsessed, check out their collaboration that incorporates some of the brand’s bold prints!)

Available at hankypanky.com, shopbop.com, Nordstrom’s and these other national retailers

Princesse Tamtam

Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower: Princesse Tam Tam

This French label does peekaboo pretty with sophisticated flair. Their lacy underpinnings incorporate sheer patterned panels that can show just a little (like the Maryline lace bra, $72) or a lot (the Amber underwire bra, $83, perhaps).

Available at ASOS.com, Madewell, Journelle, and shopbop.com 


Where to Shop for a Lingerie Shower: Naja

Naja’s bold patterns and saturated colors make this perfect honeymoon lingerie. I’m like a little bit obsessed with their Talavera Blue collection because it just screams “honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast” to me. If you’re looking for more of a Mexican holiday vibe, try the Andalusia collection’s lacy neon yellow pieces. The price point is great as well, with a high-waisted brief for $32 or a lacy bralette for $42. Special and affordable.

Available at naja.com 

Lingerie Shower

When it’s time to pick a theme for the shower, lingerie is going to come up inevitably. And it can be a really fun idea, but only if a couple very important factors line up. First, make sure that the bride will be comfortable with it. Not everyone likes the idea of handing out their sizes to their guests and unwrapping unmentionables while everyone looks on. Second, I recommend limiting lingerie showers to groups of girlfriends of around the same age. Chances are your bride will have at least one shower thrown by a parent or friend of the family and ladies of all age groups will be present. Some women may only know the bride through her mother or a relative. A lingerie shower in that instance is just going to get awkward.

If points one and two are met, full steam ahead! My friend Amanda had a lovely lingerie shower at her home in Atlanta, thrown by her amazing maid of honor and sister, Emily. Amanda’s shower was part of a combination bachelorette/bridal shower weekend since many of her close friends and bridesmaids (including me!) are spread out over the country.

The food theme was sweet and a little sinful (to fit the lingerie). While Amanda left the house to go for her hair trial, all the bridesmaids pitched in to prepare the food and decorate the house. Hosting the shower at home helps to greatly cut down the expense and also lowers the stress level. We were able to pump some music as we melted chocolate for chocolate-covered strawberry and fondue.

Emily broke out their family’s beautiful silver punch bowl and put together a family-favorite punch. The scoops of ice cream made it look a little crazy at first, but it tasted like heaven and as the ice cream melted it all came together.

Before Amanda arrived, a few of the bridesmaids decided to run to Wal-Mart for a few last-minute gag gifts…like the biggest Granny panties we could find in the store! We also picked up a little something for the groom—a pair of camo boxer-briefs and a matching camo bra for Amanda.

After all the gifts were opened, we strung them up on a clothesline for pictures. All the lacy things looked so cute hung up together (though we took them down before the groom got home—we wanted them to be a surprise!).

As for where to find bridal lingerie, I always try to skip Victoria’s Secret. They have some great pieces, but since it’s such a popular lingerie destination, you run the risk of ending up with duplicate gifts. Continue reading