Wine Basket Bridal Shower Gift + Printable Poem Gift Tags

Today, I’m so excited to bring you a series of printable poem gift tags, perfect for a wine basket bridal shower gift. This is a great gift to team up on with a couple friends. You can split the cost of 8 bottles of wine (at least one should be champagne!) and then add a poem gift tag to each bottle so the bride has a wine collection ready for the milestones of her first year of marriage.

Printable Poem Gift Tags for Bridal Shower Wine Basket | Ultimate Bridesmaid

When I decided to embark on this project, I knew my friend Amanda was the perfect person to collaborate with—she is absolutely the master of writing cute little poems. (When I was in her wedding, she wrote a poem for each bridesmaid, talking about how special our friendship was to her.)

Printable Poem Gift Tags for Bridal Shower Wine Basket | Ultimate Bridesmaid

We looked at similar projects around the web and both agreed that we didn’t like certain events that were commonly used for this gift. We thought First Fight was weird (“Yay, we’re married and we fought!”) and we agreed that Christmas and New Year’s were kind of lame, especially since it’s likely you’ve already spent a few of these holidays with your significant other before you get hitched. We liked the idea of celebrating the first baby, but didn’t like how most poems for this event were designed so that the lady didn’t get to drink anything! We decided that we could get around this by reserving the baby bottle of wine for right when you decide to start trying to get pregnant or for after baby is born! We brainstormed different life events that merited a bottle of wine and came up with a list of eight options: Wedding Night, Honeymoon, First Anniversary, First House, First Baby, First Dinner Party, New Job and Just Because!

For the tag design, I experimented with some of my favorite color palettes—some sunset-inspired shades, then neons, and finally metallics paired with warm neutrals. But when I tried them on wine bottles, I really didn’t like how the colors clashed with the shades of the glass. I finally decided to pull colors from the bottles themselves and landed on four shades of green and violet that would complement the natural colors of wine. (My color choices are also inspired by Pantone’s shades of 2014.) I added a geometric triangle at the edge for a bit of a visual pop. What do you think?

IMPORTANT NOTE: To print these to make your own bridal shower wine basket, you should download the PDF from the link below. It will give you the best resolution and most clear type—the jpegs used throughout this post are just to show you the design, but are too small and will pixelate if you print at full size.

Print from this link for the best results: Wine Basket Printable Poem Gift Tag PDF

I hope you love! And if you want to design your own tags, you can find the full text of the poems after the jump.

Wedding Night
The cake is cut. You’ve said, “I do.”
The party may go on, but without you.
It’s your wedding night and romance awaits.
Just pop this cork and enjoy your date.

The most-needed vacation you will have in your life
Is the one you take after your wedding night.
Delight in your alone time and the fulfillment of your wishes.
Uncork this bottle and snuggle up as Mr. and Mrs.

First Anniversary
Time will fly when you’re having fun.
Can you believe year one of marriage is already done?!
This bottle of wine will help you celebrate
The time that has passed and the time that awaits.

First House
Turn that key in the lock and carry your bride through the door.
This house is now yours, though your bank account may be sore.
So enjoy this bottle of wine, on us, your friends,
And party it up, for tomorrow the moving begins!

First Baby
50% of me and 50% of you,
Baby will make a family of three instead of two.
So when you’re ready to try or baby’s here and it’s done,
Open this wine and heat the oven for your bun.

Just Because
When a random spark happens to ignite,
On just another ordinary night,
Pop open the bubbly and get your drink on,
With a love like yours, it couldn’t go wrong!

First Dinner Party
When you use your wedding china for the first time,
And invite your friends round for dinner and wine,
Serve a glass of this delicious brand,
And the parties you host will be in demand!

New Job
Cheer up now, the job search is done!
A new opportunity awaits and you can’t wait for day one.
It’s time to celebrate this big news,
With a spankin’ good time and this bottle of booze.

14 thoughts on “Wine Basket Bridal Shower Gift + Printable Poem Gift Tags

  1. Dana

    A friend asked me to make this basket for her friend. Very sweet idea! I printed the 8 you created, but need 4 more since she wanted to have a bottle each month. Is it possible you have more poems using the same template and color palette that you could share? Thank you!

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