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Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

Etsy is my go-to for bachelorette invitations. These amazing artists are so much more creative than the invitations I see at most wedding stationery retailers. Oh my goodness, bachelorette invites that aren’t black and pink and covered in cheesy illustrations of heels and lipstick?!? It’s a revelation! Here are just a few of my recent favorite finds.

Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

I love the modern graphic design and the contrast of glittery gold and soft pink in this girls weekend invite from Fine and Dandy Paperie. So chic!

Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

The illustrations on this invite from Cake Print Shop are adorable, but what really won me over is the itinerary. Girl, you know I love an itinerary! OK, and the glitter. I do love glitter.

Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

Speaking of itineraries, hi, this one is adorable. Kreativees has designs for tons of popular bachelorette destinations, including the Charleston one seen here, as well as themed invites perfect for a ski weekend or a beach getaway.

Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

Maybe you’ve noticed I’m obsessed with pineapples recently. Maybe you too are obsessed with pineapples. Maybe you have to have this invitation from Boo Bean Design!

Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

I love the beautiful floral patterns on this invitation from Kate and Jane Designs. The watercolor effect and mixed typography makes for a gorgeous statement invitation.

Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

Finally, an of-the-moment design—this Let’s Flamingle invitation! We love the soft watercolor illustration and calligraphy. Need more flamingle party inspiration? We’ve got you.

Our Favorite Etsy Bachelorette Invitations

OK, just one more. Because there are so many good ones! But I love the concept of this spa party invitation: Mimosas, Manis and Mischief, Oh My!

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Perfect Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Invites for Every Party Theme

Invitations can set the tone for a party, but sifting through all the options out there can be a little overwhelming. Especially when, let’s face it, a lot of the designs we see are pretty underwhelming. Ooooh, another bachelorette invitation that looks like a corset!? How truly revolutionary! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite standout bachelorette and bridal shower invitations. Some are bold and modern, some are feminine and girly and some are just all-around fun.

For a 90s Throwback Bridal Shower:brides just wanna have fun invite : perfect for a 90s throwback bridal shower or bachelorette slumber party

The perfect invitation for a 90s throwback bridal shower. Put N*SYNC on loop, get those episodes of Boy Meets World and Gilmore Girls streaming and dig out your glitter nail polish, girls!

For a Bridal Shower Brunch: 

bridal shower brunch invitation : great for a bridal brunch or a mimosa bar party

I’m kind of obsessed with the chic Southern charm of this invite. The contrast of the loopy “Bubbly” with the bold block lettering, plus the sophisticated navy and nectarine color palette, just makes this feel fresh and fun.

For a Bachelorette Beach Weekend:

beach bachelorette invitation : perfect invite for miami beach bachelorette, palm beach bachelorette, bahamas bachelorette, key west bachelorette

The bold sunset colors of this invite immediately caught my attention. If a Miami Beach* bachelorette party is in your future, this invite perfectly channels laid-back seaside vibes. *Works for Key West, Palm Springs, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc., too.

For a Tea Party Bridal Shower:

love is brewing : perfect tea party bridal shower invitation invite

I love this one so much, I maybe just bought it for a friend’s tea party shower in August. The unique “Love is Brewing” slogan sets it apart from other tea party invites while the bold brushstrokes of the floral pattern and the metallic gold lettering make this invite feel modern yet feminine.

For a Bachelorette Night Out:

bride tribe bachelorette invitation : perfect invite for a bachelorette party

I often complain about the prevelance of black and pink in bachelorette invites. This one is just the perfect shade of not-quite purple/not-quite pink that makes it feel girly, but like, cool-girly. And if there’s one bachelorette trend I can get behind, it’s a Bride Tribe. Partying with your ladies is what it’s all about!

For a Garden Bridal Shower:garden bridal shower invitation : succulent invite for a garden party

This adorable succulent bridal shower invitation is my favorite for a garden party. Because let’s face it, succulents are still so it right now. We’re not growing roses in my apartment, I’ll tell you that.

For a Stock the Bar Couple Shower:

stock the bar invitation : perfect for a couple shower invitation

Pro tip: When you’re looking for a cute couple shower invite, don’t look in the bridal shower section. Search under general parties (birthdays, housewarming, backyard BBQs) for more gender-neutral invitations that don’t scream “bride.” I found this one under birthday and just updated the text for a couple shower!

Our Favorite Etsy “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Cards

It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time on Etsy. What’s not to love about a marketplace that promotes creative makers and artists? In addition to finding something beautiful and unique, you can feel good that you’re supporting a small business, many of which are female owned. Here, some of our favorite “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards recently spotted on Etsy.  
Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards

Don’t you just love a card that tells it like it is? The cute illustration and cheeky message on this card from Julie Ann Art will bring a smile to your future maids’ faces.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards

Add an element of surprise with this scratch-off card from Inklings Paperie. The metallic gold pops (excuse the pun) against the soft petal pink and the dainty illustration is so sweet.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards

We’ve become a little bit obsessed with gemstones as of late. (Have you seen our You’re a Gem party inspiration board? It’s perfect for a bridesmaid ask party.) So it’s no surprise we heart these gemstone-dotted cards from WildHeart Paper. (And similar here.)

Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards

Allie Ruth Designs had been printing vintage hankies with “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” for awhile, but discovered that women had trouble incorporating the pretty linens into their everyday life with the bridesmaid message. Problem solved with this hand lettered kraft envelope containing a delicate heirloom handkerchief. Feel free to stuff in a few more surprises as well. (Update: This shop seems to have closed! Find similar designs here and here.) Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards

Because honesty matters, we adore this card from Patterson Paper. Just don’t fall pretty to these overdone Pinterest-inspired bridesmaid poses!

Paperless Post: Classin’ Up Bachelorette Invites

Ugly bachelorette invitations are one of my biggest bridesmaid pet peeves. Try to find a bachelorette invite that is not black and pink and does not include one of the following: shoes, lipstick and/or assorted lingerie. It’s just insulting! So these digital invites (which you can have printed as well) from Paperless Post are like a breath of fresh air, in poppy oranges and pale greens and without a “last fling before the ring” in sight. Don’t these feel so much more like women you actually know? Gather the Girls bachelorette invite from J.Crew and Paperless Post

Gather the girls for a weekend by the sea. Girls Gone Mild Bachelorette Invite from Paperless Post

Girls Gone Mild. Thank you. Pass the wine. Manis and Mimosas Beach Bachelorette Invite from Paperless Post

Sun + fun. Manis + mimosas. Class + sass. I can go all day.Manis and Mimosas Bachelorette Invite from Paperless Post

Total relaxation. Cucumber watercolor delight. Shots Shots Shots: An Honest Bachelorette Invite from Paperless PostLet’s just be honest—honestly adorable.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards from Allie Ruth

Allie Ruth bridesmaid cards | Misti Fraser Photography

Asking your best friends to share your special day as your bridesmaids and maid of honor can be very emotional for both of you (let’s be real, I have cried). And the scrapbooker in me loves the idea of a card or small gift to commemorate that moment. Enter these vibrant floral “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards from designer Allie Ruth. My favorite part? The delicate hand lettering, which makes each card feel one of a kind. Allie paired up with photographer Misti Fraser for a bridesmaid mini shoot to show off these stunning cards. Check out Allie’s entire collection here, including bridesmaid hankies.will you be my bridesmaid allie ruth 2 Allie Ruth bridesmaid cards | Misti Fraser Photographywill you be my bridesmaid alllie ruthAllie Ruth bridesmaid cards | Misti Fraser Photography

Bachelorette Party Inspiration Boards: Lipstick, Lingerie & Wine

Lipstick Love

I’ve wanted to do a lipstick inspiration board ever since I saw the very popular image on Pinterest of rows of lipstick kisses framed after a bachelorette party. The dark reds and browns of this Wedding Paper Divas invite pair perfectly with signature cherry whiskey smash cocktails. Outfit the bride in a custom kiss the bride tee and send the guests home with these old-fashioned homemade ball lollipops. I couldn’t resist going a little bit literal with these cherry chocolate kiss cookies and why not throw in a few mustaches to represent the man in her life (even if no boys are allowed).

Lipstick Bachelorette Party Inspiration Board | Ultimate BridesmaidLingerie and Lace

A lingerie shower is by far one of the most popular themes for a bachelorette party, but too often the result is tacky rather than sweet. I recommend keeping things delicate and fresh with light colors and lace—no hot pinks please! We’re going for bridal, not stripper. I decided to infuse a bit of a Parisian vibe since France is known for its lingerie, so I wanted macarons…but it was really hard to pick which ones! Finally I landed on lemon with blackberry filling because I loved the pop of neon sprinkles on the white icing. I carried through the French connection with champagne in glamorous gold-dusted glasses and an “ooh-la-la” invitation. A clothesline to display the underpinnings is a must and I like daffodils for the flowers because they feel so fresh and sweet. These lingerie favors are some of my favorites—each is filled with chai tea or hot chocolate mix!

Lingerie Theme Bachelorette Party Inspiration Board | Ultimate BridesmaidFine Wine

Women and wine—we just click. I loved the smoky charcoal grey and fuchsia of this Girls Night Out invite and added lavender to complete my wine theme. Incorporate wine bottles into your decor by making them into art pieces like these neon paint-dipped ones, by simply filling them with flowers, or by dressing them up with these faux-fur bags. These creative favor packages include some great ideas, like sending your guests off with bath salts, a corkscrew, chocolates, and wine, of course. Sounds like a perfect bath in the making. The food was too fun. Two words: Cheese cake. Literally. For dessert, incorporate the theme with dark chocolate merlot cupcakes or sweet and tart champagne raspberry popsicles.

Wine Theme Bachelorette Party Inspiration Board | Ultimate BridesmaidFor more bachelorette inspiration, visit my Pinterest board.

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Bridal Shower Invite Roundup

I’m going to be real with you guys. Bridal shower and bachelorette invitations totally get the shaft, design-wise. Am I right? I mean, take a look at the wedding invitations out there: gorgeous, thoughtful, modern, whatever you want. Now try to find modern, pretty bachelorette invites. That aren’t pink and black. Or covered in bras. What is that about??

The point is, invitations. You need ’em. You’re going to have to weed through a ton of subpar options to find something really cute. Maybe I can help. Here are some of my new favorites, including picnic-perfect prints and a dual bridal shower/bachelorette invite that I’m totally obsessed with.


My kind of floral and my kind of girly. This sweet seasonal invite would be perfect for a garden brunch or tea party. There are actually four different versions, each corresponding to a time of the year. While this one just screams spring with its strawberry pinks and kiwi greens, there’s a version with burnt orange and butternut yellows that would be perfect for fall.

bridal shower inviteThe perfect picnic invite from FourThings by CaBlue. The text is retro chic with a bit of a deco vibe and I especially love the leafy illustrations. Contact her on Etsy for a personalized listing.


The abstract heart motif at the top balances the white space on the bottom, making this invite feel fresh and breezy. Plus, the colors are customizable so you can match them to your theme—coral and cobalt blue for a nautical look, or citrus and lime green for a bright spring feel.

KH_BridalShower1_PCWhat a great idea: a shower and bachelorette party set! So often the same person is throwing both events and the parties may even be grouped into one weekend. These invitations carry the color and dot theme throughout, tying the two events together visually and conceptually. I want to see more sets like this!

il_570xN.350936165Ah, stock the bar. One of my all-time favorite party themes. Just bring booze—none of those bar gadgets for me. Well, ok, glassware is all right. Pretty glassware. But mostly wines, please. I love the simplicity and bright pops of color in this version.