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Paperless Post: Classin’ Up Bachelorette Invites

Ugly bachelorette invitations are one of my biggest bridesmaid pet peeves. Try to find a bachelorette invite that is not black and pink and does not include one of the following: shoes, lipstick and/or assorted lingerie. It’s just insulting! So these digital invites (which you can have printed as well) from Paperless Post are like a breath of fresh air, in poppy oranges and pale greens and without a “last fling before the ring” in sight. Don’t these feel so much more like women you actually know? Gather the Girls bachelorette invite from J.Crew and Paperless Post

Gather the girls for a weekend by the sea. Girls Gone Mild Bachelorette Invite from Paperless Post

Girls Gone Mild. Thank you. Pass the wine. Manis and Mimosas Beach Bachelorette Invite from Paperless Post

Sun + fun. Manis + mimosas. Class + sass. I can go all day.Manis and Mimosas Bachelorette Invite from Paperless Post

Total relaxation. Cucumber watercolor delight. Shots Shots Shots: An Honest Bachelorette Invite from Paperless PostLet’s just be honest—honestly adorable.