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Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party Games

Hilarious Personalized Mad Libs

The great news about this game is that the bride already did half the work for you, and she doesn’t even know it! To create a hilarious and personalized Mad Lib game to play at the bachelorette or bridal shower, simply head to the bride’s wedding website and transform the couple’s “About Us” into a party game.

What’s in Your Cell Phone?

A modern update on a classic shower game. Score points for sharing photos of the bride in a white dress, lose points for the ex’s still in your contacts. Two versions, one appropriate for a bridal shower and one that’s a bit more racy for the bachelorette.

Name 3

This bachelorette game is based on the board game Five Second Rule, so if you’ve ever played, you already know the basics. Each card asks you to name 3 of something in 5 seconds, so you’ll have to name things like three wedding destinations, three celebrity couples or three stripper costumes. It may seem simple, but the short time limit will lead to some pretty hilarious answers as people are forced to spit out the first thing that comes to mind.

Bar Scavenger Hunt

A fun printable lists of dares and challenges to make your night out on the town extra memorable.

Most Likely To…

A great game to play with a superclose group of friends. You’ll be surprised to find out who you really think is most likely to have kids first, get married next…or hook up with someone this weekend!

The Fiance Quiz

Send the groom-to-be a list of questions before the party, then challenge the bride “Newlywed Game” style.

5 Simple Bridal Shower Games (that don’t suck)

Let’s face it, a lot of bridal shower games are just…terrible. Here, five simple bridal shower games that won’t require hours of preparation (or toilet paper) and that may actually be funny.

Bridal Shower Scratch-Off Game

Let’s face it: You can only fill out a zany, mildly inappropriate mad lib or wrap a grown woman in toilet paper so many times before you start to feel ridiculous. But what never gets old? Winning things! For the bride who doesn’t want cheesy bridal shower games, but does want a small interactive activity at her shower, try wedding scratch-off cards!