50 Food & Drink Ideas For Your Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

50 Food & Drink Ideas For Your Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

Planning a party menu can be a little bit daunting, so we’ve put together 50 of our favorite food and drink ideas for a bridal shower or bachelorette bash. Looking for a signature drink for a bachelorette party? A perfect tea party bridal shower menu? A show-stopping cake (that you actually bought at the grocery store and then just prettied up with a few quick tricks)? We’ve got it. Plus, a few no-fuss serve-yourself food and drink bars that will limit your time in the kitchen and some cute DIYs (hi, gem ice cubes!) to add a little wow to your cocktails. Cheers!

9 Spectacular Cakes For Your Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

1. Kissed Cake: We love this kissed cake for a red-hot bachelorette party. The best part? You can just customize a store-bought cake. All you need is edible pearl dust in shades of red, a new paintbrush and a stencil.

2. Very Berry Layer Cake: Celebrate the natural sweetness of summer berries by pairing them with a smooth buttercream and beautiful layers of yellow cake. The result is simplicity at its sweetest.

3. Coney Island Cheesecake: Warning: This cake contains the following ingredients: animal crackers, sugar cones, peanuts, vanilla ice cream, confetti sprinkles, and cotton candy flavoring. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

4. The Moistest Chocolate Cake: OK, I know some people have a thing about the word “moist.” But LOOK at this cake. Do you see it? I rest my case.

5. Candy-Filled Cake: Can all cakes be filled with candy? She’ll love this sweet surprise when she cuts into the cake.

6. Honey Earl Grey Cake: The absolute perfect tea party cake. We love that this cake is totally on theme and is simple to make.

7. Rosemary Lemon Cake: You’d never guess that this cake started its life in a grocery store case. The bridesmaids dipped a knife in hot water and ran it over the too-perfect icing to create a more handmade look, then topped the cake with fresh rosemary and lemon slices. Instant perfection.

8. Simple Flower Cake: Another way to spruce up a store-bought cake. Add one large statement flower to the top and a matching ribbon around the bottom. Done!

9. Candy-Covered Cake: We love tricks that turn simple store-bought cakes into design masterpieces. Choose her favorite candies in colors that match your shower theme for this stunning look.

8 Food and Drink Bar Ideas For Your Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

10. Sugar Rush Cart: Stock your bar cart with donuts, candy, cake, ice cream and plenty of cute cups and spoons for sweetness overload.

11. Yogurt Parfait Bar: Perfect for a bridal shower brunch. Include Greek and plain yogurt, tons of fruit and granola, plus honey for drizzling.

12. Bloody Mary Bar: A classic for a reason. Create a bloody Mary bar with carafes of tomato juice and pickle-infused vodka, then lay out all the toppings from this extensive list.

13. Biscuit Bar: Yep, you read that right. The part of me that spent four years in North Carolina is like “get out my way, folks!” Have scrambled eggs and bacon for a breakfast version, or roast turkey, ham and cheeses for a lunch spread.

14. Taco Bar: Cooking for a big group can be daunting, so the casual setup of a build-your-own-taco bar takes some of the stress off the host as many of the ingredients can be bought ahead of time and don’t require cooking!

15. Churro Bar: Wondering how you can make pieces of sugared fried dough even MORE decadent? Dip them in chocolate and other treats, of course!

16. Gin and Tonic Bar: Think there’s only one way to make a gin and tonic? You would be wrong! We love this build you own gin and tonic bar, complete with the fixings for grapefruit, cucumber or rosemary versions.

17. Bruschetta Bar: Cheese, meats, breads and an assortment of vegetables and drizzly things…ta-da! A bruschetta bar is the perfect answer for easy entertaining.

10 Perfect Signature Drinks for Your Bachelorette Party

18. Blushing Bride Sangria: Toooooo cute. Probably one of my favorite drink ideas ever. Mix up a simple rosé sangria with apples, pears or other seasonal fruits, then slap a cute little tag on and you’re done.

19. Margaritas: Blood orange, coconut, smoky jalepeno, classic… 10 fresh and tangy margarita recipes. You’re welcome.

20. Garden Party Cocktail: We love the vibrant flower-petal-filled ice cubes in this refreshing cocktail, which incorporates Pimms and gin.

21. Whiskey Lemonade: Sometimes I like a cocktail with lots of fancy ingredients. And sometimes I like a cocktail that I can make with just two. This simple drink goes in the latter category, but tastes like perfection.

22. Sunny Winter Cocktail: The Sweetest Occasion is one of our favorite destinations for creative, colorful cocktails. This citrusy take on a margarita made with clementines, tequila and a pinch of cayenne pepper is no exception.

23. Blood Orange and Sage Mocktail: Looking for a tasty mocktail to serve? We love this refreshing vibrant drink that combines tangy blood orange, fizzy soda and a slightly herbal note with touch of fresh sage.

24. Rosé Champagne Mojitos: This twist on a mojito with a splash of rosé champagne feels perfect for a bachelorette.

25. Raspberry Lime Iced Tea: Iced tea gets fancy with an infusion of raspberry and lime, making this the perfect drink to serve at an afternoon picnic shower. A little swizzle of lime peel provides a finishing touch.

26. Agua Frescas: Fresh juices that incorporate seasonal fruits like strawberries, cucumber of cantaloupe make amazing mixers for summertime cocktails or are refreshing all on their own (perfect for a spa party).

27. Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler: I love a cocktail that also sorta makes you feel healthy at the same time. I’m totally drinking a smoothie, guys! (With gin!)

8 Healthy Dishes to Serve at Your Bridal Shower

28. Salads in Tea Cups: Perfect for your tea party bridal shower menu. Try a light spring green mix with your favorite toppings. Everything looks dainty and pretty in a tea cup.

29. Veggie Bar: One cannot live on sweets and cocktails alone (though one can try)! Add a crudite bar of raw veggies and dips, like guacamole, hummus, classic ranch or warm spinach and artichoke. We love how this bride classed hers up by displaying the veggies in silver urns—so chic!

30. No-Cook Cracker Toppings: Does “no cooking” sound like music to your ears? These six creative cracker topping ideas are perfect for no-fuss entertaining. My favorite? The rosemary cracker with brie, blackberry and a drizzle of honey.

31. Carrot Hummus Pots: This adorable idea for a garden bridal shower menu is just the best. Line clay pots with coffee filters, add hummus and top with baby carrots.

32. Grilled Potato, Lemon and Zucchini Salad: This hearty and healthy salad features grilled potatoes, zucchini, green beans and olives drizzled with a creamy red pepper sauce.

33. Fig and Prosciutto Crostini: The simplest way to look fancy: crostini. Take quality ingredients—like creamy goat cheese, fresh figs and prosciutto—and pile it atop a slice of crunchy bread. Done.

34. Gruyere and Kale Strata: For a brunch shower, a quiche or strata is a great option. It’s easy to prepare ahead of time, serves a crowd and it’s delicious.

35. Green Goddess Tea Sandwiches: These light tea sandwiches combine fresh crisp vegetables with a creamy homemade green goddess dressing that comes together in a snap.

6 Simple DIYs to Class Up Your Cocktails

36. DIY Metallic Glassware: Get the midcentury cocktail vibe without the expensive price tag with this DIY that turns plain glasses glam.

37. Bling Ice Cubes: We love these colorful diamond ring ice cubes. Use pink food coloring for a flavorless variety to float in a glass of champagne, or freeze fruit smoothies for a thick and colorful ring.

38. Glitter Ice Cubes: There’s something in my drink…oh wait, it’s these amazing glitter ice cubes (that will totally not kill you!). Just track down edible food glitter and follow the simple instructions.

39. Flower Drink Stirrers: Add a touch of whimsy to your cocktails with a decorative flower stick. Use a different flower for each guest and these double as drink name tags.

40. Gold Lip Kissed Mimosas: Add a touch of sparkle to a classic mimosa with this DIY for temporary metallic-kissed glasses.

41. Floral Coffee Cup Wraps: These printable floral cup wraps are perfect for coffee at a brunch shower or hot chocolate at a winter gathering. Did we mention they are free?

9 Sweet Treats For Your Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

42. Gummy Gems: Can we all agree you’ll be making these gummy gems? They are just too darling to pass up!

43. Tie-Dye Smores: If Lisa Frank went camping, she would totally serve these.

44. Raw Gem Cupcakes: Take any old classic cupcake and turn it into a gem. It’s simple—just smash up rock candy and top each cupcake. The result looks like raw gemstones that are almost too pretty to eat.

45. Key Lime Ice Pops: I have to admit that key lime pie is one of my favorites, so of course I’m in love with this recipe. Best of all? They’re made with almond milk and almond yogurt, so even dairy-free friends can enjoy them!

46. Party Popcorn: Add color and fun to simple popcorn with a drizzle of white chocolate and your favorite sprinkles.

47. Funfetti Dessert Nachos: Do I even need to explain why these are a good idea? No, I do not. I challenge you to find a girl who’s not into funfetti. Go ahead. TRY!

48. Hey Girl Brownies: Sprinkles? Check. Chocolate? Check. Really easy to make? Check. So fetch? You know it.

49. Tea Bag Cookies: Dip them in your tea or serve them separately, but these cute cookies will be the star of your shower.

50. Donut and milk shots: “Donut you know we are in love?” Fill little shot glasses with milk and top with mini donuts and a straw. #thatsdarling

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