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Frock + Flowers // Mint Bridesmaids

Mint Bridesmaids Dresses

Mint bridesmaids dresses have such a light and delicate feel. It’s no wonder these breezy chiffon styles pair perfectly with soft cream and peach blooms for a spring wedding. For a bit of contrast, brides can add darker orange flowers that really pop against the pink. A little tone-on-tone greenery creates texture, with additions like lamb’s ears, ferns, seeded eucalyptus or even succulents.

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Frock + Flowers // Neutral Navy

Frock + Florals // Neutral Navy. Pair navy bridesmaid dresses with all-white blooms for a classic nautical vibe, mix in oranges for a quirky modern feel or choose pastel pinks for a more elegant, formal look.

Navy is a very popular bridesmaid dress color, and with good reason. It serves as a neutral backdrop for almost any accent color, allowing brides to mix in a bevy of hues for the perfect palette. Pair it with all-white blooms for a classic nautical vibe, mix in oranges for a quirky modern feel or choose pastel pinks for a more elegant, formal look. This perfect midsummer hue works for beach weddings or ballroom affairs. Bonus: It’s totally timeless.

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Frock + Flowers // Peachy Keen

Peach orange bridesmaid dresses

This palette of peach bridesmaid dresses has me feeling a little bit like eating a creamsicle. A sweet sherbet orange is such a perfect spring or summer hue and should pair with equally delicate shades on the pastel side of the floral palette. We love seeing a gradient of colors in the blooms, from bright white to matching soft orange to sunset hues. This is a look that feels best when the blooms create harmony rather than contrast. Now where’s that ice cream I requested?

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Frock + Flowers // Pastel Perfection

Pastel Bridesmaid Looks

Soft pastel bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a spring wedding. The muted colors allow for a lot of leeway in floral choices, from bold contrasting hues to tone-on-tone blooms. Both approaches can work because the dresses are providing an almost-neutral canvas. Be sure to incorporate texture into your bouquets with accents like seeded eucalyptus or even dried wildflowers. We also sort of love the idea of mixing pastel dresses for a multicolored bridesmaid look. Wouldn’t these four dresses look stunning together? (I’m especially obsessed with the mint one).

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Frock + Flowers // Floral Print Dresses

frock + flower floral prints

Spring is just around the corner (right?!), so this edition of Frock + Flowers tackles pairing floral-printed bridesmaid dresses with the right blooms. There are two approaches you can take with this: the simple, no-fail route or the advanced and amazing approach. The easiest thing to do is pair your bold printed dresses with neutral white flowers. In this equation, the vibrant colors of the dress remain the star. If you want to take it to the next level though, you’ll need to choose flowers that complement the color palette and textures of the floral pattern in the dress without being matchy-matchy. This is no easy task and is best tackled by a talented florist with a great eye and feel for color and texture. If you hit it exactly right, the bouquet will feel like an extension of the dress and your look will be incredibly sophisticated.

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Frock + Flowers // Metallic Dress + Red Bouquet

Frock + Flowers // Metallic dresses with deep red flowers

There’s something about the holiday season that just demands sparkle—and a New Year’s wedding falls straight into that category. A glittery bridesmaid dress is reminiscent of snow and the perfect complement to candlelight (you’ll love how the dresses shimmer on the dance floor). Embrace the season’s colors with a deep red statement bouquet incorporating bold, large blooms and deep greenery. The colors feel sophisticated and strikingly modern.

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Frock + Flowers // Springtime Yellows

Frock + Flowers: Pair yellow dresses with neutral flowers in whites and pale pink, with pops of greenery

I have to give it to these girls: Yellow is a hard color to pull off. I cannot do it, personally. But I have to say that when I see a row of sunshine-hued bridesmaids, it just makes me smile. Yellow is a happy color and brings a joyful vibe to the wedding party. Choose a soft pastel shade for a beach wedding or a deeper mustard color for a casual, woodsy event. Bonus points: Match your shade of yellow to the time of day and the season: light for a daytime spring wedding, deeper for an evening autumnal event. Since the yellow itself is such a vibrant, show-stealing color, it’s best to go muted with your flower palette. Whites and greens are gorgeous, or add subtle pops of pastel pink and yellow for contrast and depth.

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