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The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Each season, we love to see what’s new in bridesmaid style…and what’s stayed the same. Certain timeless styles will always be in the mix—but we also love seeing how brides step outside the norm and incorporate their personal style into their bridesmaid looks. This year hemlines got longer, mixing and matching got bolder and new fabrics (like velvet) and silhouettes (like jumpsuits) arrived on the bridesmaid scene. Here, our favorite bridesmaid trends of the year (plus, the one dress that gets its very own entry—because it’s just that big right now).

Pretty Pastels

This year we saw pastels everywhere! While soft blues and pinks have always been popular bridesmaid colors, they really had a resurgence this year and became the most popular color palette for bridesmaid looks in all seasons.

Pretty Pastels. The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Total Freedom to Mix and Match

It takes a bold bride (and some stylish maids) to go completely off script and let your bridesmaids have total freedom in picking their dresses, but we love seeing a mix and match bridesmaid look come together. You don’t even need to worry about selecting a specific shade! These bridesmaid chose dresses in shades of orange that ranged from soft peach to vibrant coral, and patterns that included lace, florals and stripes. The result? Spectacular.

Total Freedom to Mix and Match. The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via 100 Layer Cake

Unique Fabrics like Velvet!

We love the soft, romantic feeling of these tea-length velvet dresses. An uncommon bridesmaid dress fabric, velvet is perfect for a winter wedding. Your maids will stay warm and look hot.
Velvet! The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding White

When the tradition of incorporating bridesmaids in a wedding first began, all bridesmaids wore white to match the bride. For awhile, wearing white at a wedding became a taboo, but white bridesmaid dresses are back and here to stay. We love short styles that let the bride stand out in her long gown.

Wedding White: The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Style Me Pretty


A killer floral makes an amazing statement and brings color and pattern into the wedding palette. We love vibrant floral frocks like these for spring and summer weddings.

Florals. The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Style Me Pretty

This “It” Brand

Every year, a dress comes along that captures the hearts of brides everywhere. This year, it’s these floor-length floral maxi dresses from Show Us Your Mumu. This breakout brand has popped up everywhere, with light and flowy gowns that are perfect for beach weddings. They also carry adorable robes and rompers perfect for getting ready with your girls.

Show Us Your Mumu: The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Casual Skirt and Top

For an intimate, casual wedding, this bride chose a green corduroy skirt and asked her bridesmaids to add a lacy white top. This look is the ultimate in bridesmaid style that you will be able to wear again.

Casual Skirts and Tops. The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Floor Length Stunners

Long dresses are it right now. There’s just something about a floor-length stunner that adds a special touch to the occasion. Makes a lady feel fancy! Plus, the movement and flowy drape of the skirts makes for some gorgeous pictures.

Floor Length Stunner. The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Patterned Skirts

Party on the bottom, business on top (well, sort of). A patterned skirt makes for a standout bridesmaid look, especially when paired with a neutral top. This palm print is perfect for a beach wedding, but try any pattern to fit your theme!
Patterned Skirts. The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via Style Me Pretty


Bridesmaid #goals. To all my ladies rocking a bridesmaid jumpsuit, you are everything. I applaud you.

Jumpsuits. The Best Bridesmaid Looks: Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends This Year

Photo via 100 Layer Cake

How to: Timeless Bridesmaid Look

Keeping Your Bridesmaids Trendy but Timeless

We’ve all had this experience: You’re flipping through an old wedding album—even one from just a few years back—and your eyes land on the bridesmaid dresses. The inevitable question pops into your mind: What exactly was the bride thinking? Wedding fashion can be the first thing to date photographs and the bridesmaid dress is often the true test of timelessness. A bridal gown might age a bit if the bride opts for an aggressively modern style, but bridesmaid dresses tend to reflect the times far more than the bride’s dress. Plus, they’re the bride’s best opportunity to infuse her theme into the wedding party.

So how can you incorporate your favorite wedding trend into your bridesmaids’ dresses, but still keep the look timeless?

Be Bold with Color

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Go bold with color!

If you’re going to go bold, color is safer than silhouette. You’re much more likely to regret a quirky fashion trend than a certain shade. You like that color, that’s why you chose it! Plus, colors come in and out of style much faster than sleeve shapes or hemlines. And many colors are simply timeless. Off-the-shoulder tops, however, may be in now, but they could easily go the way of midriffs and puffy sleeves.

Beware Styles You See Everywhere

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Be selective about "in" styles

What’s everywhere today can be overdone in no time. Remember how much you loved chevron a few years ago? Like when you daydreamed about sitting in your chevron-painted living room, wearing your stylish new chevron dress while talking on chevron-bedazzled iPhone about your plans for reupholstering your couch in a lovely slate grey chevron? Yeah, we were all there. Don’t choose a silhouette or style that is absolutely everywhere, because chances are it will age quickly. That being said, occasionally there’s an exception, usually with looks that have always been around but are just having a moment of extra attention. For example: beaded bridesmaid dresses. Beading is having a moment now, but it’s subtle enough that it will never go out of style.

Keep it Subtle with Accessories

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Keep it subtle with accessories.

When thinking about how to pull off your theme, try not to be too literal. You really don’t need much to convey a certain vibe. Accessories are a perfect way to infuse your theme into your bridesmaids without turning their attire into a costume. For example, to pull off a nautical theme without ending up out to sea, choose a classic navy gown and then pair with blue-and-white striped pumps, an ombre canvas clutch or an nautical rope bracelet. Ask your photographer to snap a few details shots to capture your special touches.

Say It with Flowers

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Say it with flowers!
Instead of relying on the dress to carry off the theme, let the flowers do the work! Sticking your maids in a highlighter yellow dress for your neon wedding palette probably isn’t going to do them any favors—but your girls will totally shine in a neutral dress with a bouquet of fuchsia dahlias, sherbet-orange gerber daisies and sunny yellow ranunculus.

At the end of the day, don’t stress. We can’t anticipate how we’ll look back on today’s fashion, which trends we’ll cringe at and which will stand the test of time. So you just have to go with what you love and what works for your ladies. When I was a bridesmaid for my friend Amanda, we had some pretty serious discussions about the flowered neckline of her bridesmaid dress. We all loved the dress—the fit was amazing and it looked good on every girl in the wedding party. But who knows? Maybe fifteen years from now Amanda’s daughter will be flipping through her mom’s wedding album and stop at the picture of us in our royal purple dresses with flowered halter necklines. She’ll glance at her mom, roll her eyes, and say, “Mom, what were you thinking!” And I’m fine with that. In fact, I look forward to it.

Image credits, top to bottom: Ultimate BridesmaidStyle Me PrettyGrey Likes WeddingsRuffledStyle Me Pretty


Frock + Flowers // Mint Bridesmaids

Mint Bridesmaids Dresses

Mint bridesmaids dresses have such a light and delicate feel. It’s no wonder these breezy chiffon styles pair perfectly with soft cream and peach blooms for a spring wedding. For a bit of contrast, brides can add darker orange flowers that really pop against the pink. A little tone-on-tone greenery creates texture, with additions like lamb’s ears, ferns, seeded eucalyptus or even succulents.

Image credits: Top left: Wedding Chicks | Top right: Style Me Pretty | Bottom left: Every Last Detail | Bottom right: Style Me Pretty

Bridesmaid Separates from BHLDN

When you see mismatched bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest and your favorite wedding blogs, they always look cute. But trying to make the look work in real life (outside of perfect social media world) can be tricky. Will the shades work together? Will the silhouettes clash? Will one bridesmaid stand out too much? BHLDN’s new bridesmaid separates collection takes the guesswork out of creating unique bridesmaids looks. All the colors and styles are designed to go together, so you can let your bridesmaids go wild with lace, sequins and tulle. Here are some of our favorite combinations.

Bridesmaid Separates Collection from BHLDN

Embellished Tulley Top + Louise Tulle Skirt in BlushBridesmaid Separates Collection from BHLDN

Kaity Sequin Top + Flowy Jane SkirtBridesmaid Separates Collection from BHLDN

Simple Liv CamiBeaded Breanna SkirtBridesmaid Separates Collection from BHLDN

Cleo Lace TopLydia Lace Skirt

Bridesmaid Separates Collection from BHLDN

Cleo Lace Top + Tulle Petal Skirt in Sea Blue

Bridesmaid Separates Collection from BHLDN

And OK, it’s not separates, but I have to give a shoutout to the Jackie Jumpsuit in emerald (also available in midnight navy and palest pink). Drapey wide leg + flattering halter neckline + a peekaboo slit of skin at the neck = modern bridesmaid perfection.

Frock + Flowers // Peachy Keen

Peach orange bridesmaid dresses

This palette of peach bridesmaid dresses has me feeling a little bit like eating a creamsicle. A sweet sherbet orange is such a perfect spring or summer hue and should pair with equally delicate shades on the pastel side of the floral palette. We love seeing a gradient of colors in the blooms, from bright white to matching soft orange to sunset hues. This is a look that feels best when the blooms create harmony rather than contrast. Now where’s that ice cream I requested?

Image credits: Top left: Style Me Pretty | Top right: Style Me Pretty | Bottom left: Style Me Pretty | Bottom right: Southern Weddings

Frock + Flowers // Floral Print Dresses

frock + flower floral prints

Spring is just around the corner (right?!), so this edition of Frock + Flowers tackles pairing floral-printed bridesmaid dresses with the right blooms. There are two approaches you can take with this: the simple, no-fail route or the advanced and amazing approach. The easiest thing to do is pair your bold printed dresses with neutral white flowers. In this equation, the vibrant colors of the dress remain the star. If you want to take it to the next level though, you’ll need to choose flowers that complement the color palette and textures of the floral pattern in the dress without being matchy-matchy. This is no easy task and is best tackled by a talented florist with a great eye and feel for color and texture. If you hit it exactly right, the bouquet will feel like an extension of the dress and your look will be incredibly sophisticated.

Image credits: Top left: Elizabeth Anne Designs | Top right: 100 Layer Cake | Bottom left: Wedding Wire | Bottom right: Southern Weddings

Our 13 Favorite Bridesmaid Trends of the Year

Modern brides continue to move away from traditional bridesmaid dress choices. While matching pastel chiffon frocks are still the norm rather than the exception, we love it when brides take bold style risks with their bridesmaid attire choices. We’ve seen vibrant colors and patterns, once-taboo white as a popular choice and new silhouettes, like maxis, jumpsuits and even pants. Here, our favorite bridesmaid trends of the year (plus, the one dress that gets its very own entry—because it’s just that big right now).

Tulle Skirts

Feminine, light, flirty…tulle is having a moment. Tulle skirts can be paired with just about anything, from bold silk blouses to patterned button-ups to neutral tanks.
01 tulle skirts

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes.

Patterned Dresses

Patterned dresses continue to be an unexpected and striking choice. When it comes to choosing a pattern, the bolder the better. While florals are the most common choice, look to stripes, polka-dots and other geometric motifs for statement-making gowns. Pro tip: For the biggest impact, this is a time to have all your maids in the same dress. If you want to try the mismatched look with patterns, choose different textured fabrics or tone-on-tone designs in the one shade to keep things from getting too busy. 02 patterned

Photo via Junebug Weddings.

Statement Pants

The first time I saw this look I was like mind = blown. Flowing floral pants are just the perfect choice for a modern bride. The silky fabric keeps the look elegant, while the billowing style is very of the moment.
03 statement pants

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes.


Let’s face it: Heels and grass do not mix. Boots are absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially in the fall when they feel seasonally appropriate. Practical meets pretty in this style trend. 04 zip back and boots

Photo via Ruffled.

All in White

White isn’t just for the bride anymore. This trend started a few years back and is still going strong. While some brides have even embraced long white dresses for their maids, Ultimate Bridesmaid still firmly suggests the short white dress if you want an all-white wedding—that way, there’s never any confusion on just whose wedding this is.

white dresses

Photo via Style Me Pretty.

Contrasting Dresses

Can’t decide on one bridesmaid look? Have two! This bride chose both a bold, neon patterned dress and a neutral sheath as well. The key to pulling off this look is to make sure the dresses have some common element—in this case it’s their geometric patterns and pops of gold, plus the matching shoes. The result is a look that seems purposeful and considered, rather than haphazard. Stylish to the extreme. 05 geometric contrasting looks

Photo via Ruffled.


Metallic bridesmaid dresses are here to stay. The trend really picked up steam over the last few years and is still one of our favorites. What can we say? We like to sparkle!


Photo via 100 Layer Cake.

This Dress

Yep, this Adrianna Papell dress has exploded onto the bridesmaid scene and quickly become one of the “it” dresses of the wedding world. And why shouldn’t it be? It has a flattering fit, a timeless deco pattern, a hint of sparkle and though we are seeing it pop up in wedding after wedding, it still feels fresh each time. Originally available only in nude, you’ll now find it in a range of soft hues, including this stunning mint.

adrianna papell 3

Photos via Style Me Pretty and Elizabeth Anne Designs.


Multicolored bridesmaids go to the next level with this subtle ombre effect. You’ll need to choose a dress retailer that carries an extensive range of colors to truly pull this off. The more subtle the color shift, the better. Having two bridesmaids in each shade is also a smart choice—it’s what creates an ombre effect rather than a rainbow one.

06 ombre

Photo via Junebug Weddings.

Creative Cover-ups

Truth: Sometimes bridesmaids get cold. Especially in the winter. Taking that fact of life into consideration and choosing a striking cover-up is both thoughtful and pays off in style points. We love leather jackets, faux fur wraps, plaid scarves and and even patterned blanket shawls, like this one. 07 pretty cover ups

Photo via Ruffled.


Sure, floor-length bridesmaid gowns have been around. But the maxi is a bit different. The style is loose and more casual (dare we use the word mumu?) and the result is boho chic. We love this neutral pleated version. The silhouette says “beach” but the subtle sparkle says “style.”


Photo via Style Me Pretty.

Classic in black

The LBD gets its own acronym for a reason: it just never goes out of style. Black is the perfect choice for a formal wedding and also the color choice your bridesmaids are most likely to incorporate into their regular wardrobe. We love modern black sheaths like these for a sophisticated yet timeless look.

classic LBD

Photo via 100 Layer Cake.

Bold separates

There’s nothing we love more than a bride not afraid to make a bold style choice: like these turquoise floral pencil skirts paired with maroon silk tunics. Selecting vibrant separates like this isn’t for every bride—but when it works, it’s just wow08 Ruffled separates

Photo via Ruffled.