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Rent Designer Bridesmaid Dresses with Style the Aisle

Let’s face it—picking out and purchasing a bridesmaid dress doesn’t often top your list of favorite bridesmaid duties. Prices can be sky high and no matter how many times we say we’ll wear them again, we rarely do. Enter Style the Aisle, a genius bridesmaid dress rental company stocking some of the top styles from designer bridesmaid lines like Lula Kate and Johanna August. I asked cofounder Erica Gellerman to share a bit of background on how Style the Aisle came to be, which designers are next on her wish list—and what bridesmaid traditions she loves (and can’t stand).

So tell me, how did Style the Aisle begin?
My good friend Meaghan [and now Style the Aisle cofounder] was married two years before I was and during planning I asked her for a lot of advice. After my wedding, we started talking about what the most frustrating part of the wedding process was and I said that for me it was picking the bridesmaid dresses. That really struck a chord with her and we started to brainstorm what would have made finding the right dresses easier. With that, we came up with the idea for Style the Aisle.

How did you choose dresses for your own bridesmaids? Was it difficult to find something that ticked all the boxes?
It was incredibly difficult! That’s really what started the business. When I was planning my wedding, I lived in North Carolina and my bridesmaids were scattered around California, which made trying on dresses together nearly impossible. I also really wanted to keep the dresses affordable while still being gorgeous. I knew they likely would only wear them once, so price was really important to me. I scoured the internet and actually did look for bridesmaid dress rental options, but I didn’t find anything that was quite right. In the end, we chose cocktail dresses that everyone could buy online, but they weren’t the perfect dresses.

Tell me about the process of choosing designers for Style the Aisle. Who is on your list of dream designers to add?
Choosing designers was such a fun process. Meaghan and I already had a list of designers we admired, but we wanted to do thorough research. We bought stacks of magazines and scoured the blogs pulling out any dresses we loved. After that, we made a prioritized list and started reaching out to them one by one. We weren’t sure what to expect, but to our surprise, everyone was really friendly and interested in the idea.
Our next priority is adding on dresses from our current designers. They have such beautiful collections and we really offer such a small taste of their gorgeous dresses. So before adding anyone else we want to make sure we’re doing justice to their collection and brand. After that, we have a pretty short list of designers we want to add, but on the top of the list is Amsale and Jenny Yoo.

What has been the most exciting or rewarding moment of launching Style the Aisle so far?
I would have to say our best moment so far was the moment when our first order came in. It was such an exciting moment to sit back and realize that a perfect stranger had seen what we were doing loved it, and trusted us enough to dress her bridal party. We also get so excited every time we get an email or a photo from a bride after a wedding. It makes us remember exactly why we started this business.

What bridesmaid trend or tradition do you love the most?
It’s not so much one tradition that I love the most, but I love all of the festivities where you can really celebrate your friendships and spend quality time with the amazing ladies in your wedding. These are the people who know you best and who have been with you through all of your highs and lows over the past years. I love celebrating those special friendships as well as celebrating the excitement of your marriage.

Ok, we have to know the flip side…which bridesmaid trend or tradition would you like to see disappear?
All of the drama and headache that goes into bridesmaid dress shopping!

One last question: I see that you’re a Duke fan. I went to Wake Forest undergrad. Can we still be friends? Also, name one thing you miss the most from North Carolina.
I think so…but definitely not in March.
There are so many things I miss about North Carolina, but number one is the BBQ! I also miss the gorgeous trees and picturesque country roads; it’s such a beautiful place.

Photography: Caroline Lima Photography | Dresses: Kirribilla for Style the Aisle

For more on renting bridesmaid dresses from Style the Aisle, check out all the details and browse their collections here.

ModCloth’s Tips for Styling a Bridesmaid Dress After the Wedding

“Oh, you’ll totally be able to wear that again.” You’ve heard this a million times, right? And sure, you may have had the best of intentions. You may have really thought you’d be throwing on that pastel green chiffon dress every summer. You were totally going to get that floor-length number shortened. But despite your intentions, that bridesmaid dress hasn’t seen any action since wedding day. ModCloth can help you change that with this amazing styling session that transforms three bridesmaid looks into everyday outfits. The key is that the new looks aren’t formal at all—they take dresses that looked fancy on wedding day and style them for your real life…not just the other weddings you have to attend. To really get wear out of your bridesmaid dresses, they need to be able to go out to dinner, a bar or a concert. Check out the styling video below for three perfect examples.

And if you’re smitten, check out ModCloth’s entire collection of bridesmaid-worthy styles (did we mention how affordable they are??).

Weddington Way’s First Bridesmaid Collection

Weddington Way bridesmaid dressesHooray! Weddington Way has introduced its first-ever collection of bridesmaid dresses. The best part? The designers were inspired to address three of the biggest gripes about bridesmaid dress shopping: a) the dresses are often less than cute b) they’re expensive and c) there’s no possibility to return or exchange a style that doesn’t look the way you hoped. Working with a palette of classic neutrals like navy and slate grey, and modern pastels like mint green and soft orange, Weddington Way created six styles in classic faille, a versatile fabric that can work for both casual and formal affairs. And at $150, the price is slightly lower than many other returnable options—that’s right ladies, you can order without fear and return or exchange if the style doesn’t impress.

If you’re unfamiliar with Weddington Way, it’s first and foremost designed to help coordinate bridesmaid looks across state lines. With so many bridal parties spread out across the country (I for one have never been in a wedding where the bride lived in the same city as me—and I’ve been in a lot of weddings!), this website allows you to select dresses you like from a huge variety of retailers, create a gallery and then comment on or vote for your favorite (or least favorite) dresses. It can also be used to help coordinate the popular mismatched bridesmaid look by lining up dresses and colors side by side to see the effect they would have on wedding day.

Here’s a closer look at how to mix and match the colors and styles available in the Weddington Way collection.

Weddington Way bridesmaid dresses Weddington Way bridesmaid dressesPhotography: Nadia D. Photography

Preview BHLDN Spring 2014 Bridesmaid Collection

Today I’m excited to bring you a sneak peek at some of my favorite styles from BHLDN’s spring bridesmaid collection—select styles are available now and the entire collection debuts online Tuesday, Jan. 21. I want to start off with a few dresses that are listed as bride styles for the reception or pre-wedding events. However, the trend of bridesmaids wearing white or neutrals is so popular that I see no reason why these gorgeous frocks wouldn’t work for the maids as well! Plus, they are some of my favorites of the bunch, with lots of special details and unexpected touches. 

I think my two favorite little white dresses may have been named in my honor: Willa, after my boyfriend’s adorable baby niece, and Brooklyn, after my home borough! I love the Brooklyn’s flattering deep V-neckline, floaty pleated tulle and sweet little bow at the waist. The Willa has a similar pattern to one of my current favorites (which I almost bought at the New York pop-up shop for no other reason than that it’s gorgeous—sure, I need white lacy dresses in my day to day!). The new version has more of a sheath silhouette and a scoop neck, with an interesting zigzag hemline. 

The Ariel continues the illusion neckline trend, but with an interesting one-shoulder take and a flattering empire waist. I also adore the colors available for this dress—in addition to the dusty mauve shown here, it will also be available in a light rose, a powder blue (see right), a deep sapphire (see below), a vibrant merlot and my all-time favorite color—ivy green! The Sydney just feels so classic to me and perfect for a breezy spring wedding. The flutter sleeves and drapey wrap skirt will give this dress movement as well as flatter a wide range of figures.The Ainsley bridges the styles above, with an illusion V-neck, a flowy chiffon skirt and a pretty little sash at the waist. I also had to share my favorite new accessory: these monogram-inspired hangers would make a gorgeous photo op on wedding day.

Bridesmaid Looks Inspired by Fresh Seasonal Food

I’m loving the trend of farm-to-table weddings, when couples highlight local produce not only in their meals but in their overall theme. So why not let the bridesmaid look be inspired by some of your favorite dishes as well? Charleston Chef Maya teamed up with Reese Moore Weddings and Fabulous Fete to envision four bridesmaid looks based on fresh, seasonal dishes. First up, roasted butternut squash on a smooth ricotta and goat cheese mousse inspired a soft neutral gown with pops of sunset orange and pink in the flowers.

On the Sunny Side

Next, the perfect yolks of these huevos rancheros on petite black bean cakes were the inspiration for the sunshine yellow dress and matching gerber daisies.

Melon Perfection

These gorgeous melon cocktails with serrano ham roses provide the perfect palette for a coral dress and bouquet of ombre roses. 

From the Sea

Charleston is renowned for its oysters, so a classic Oysters Rockefeller couldn’t be missed. The delicate shellfish piled high with sautéed spinach that almost mimics seaweed beautifully complements a sea foam green dress. 

Photographer: Reese Moore Weddings | Caterer: Chef Maya | Event Planner: Fabulous Fete | Invitations: Charleston Open House | Dresses: Gown Boutique of Charleston | Florals: Whole Foods | Hair: Strawberry Blonde Salon | Equipment Rentals: Snyder Event Rental and Polished | Venue: Tidewater Chapel

Featured on Weddings Illustrated: Keeping Your Bridesmaids Trendy But Timeless

Check out our special feature on Weddings Illustrated today, where I’m sharing my tips for keeping your bridesmaid look trendy but timeless. We’ve all had this experience: You’re flipping through an old wedding album—even one from just a few years back—and your eyes land on the bridesmaid dresses. The inevitable question pops into your mind: What exactly was the bride thinking? Avoid this situation with my four easy tips—or maybe just embrace it!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.58.24 AMCheck out the full article here!


Which bridesmaid dresses did you choose?

rose and coral bridesmaid dressesSo, let’s talk about something. More and more I’m seeing photo shoots with mismatched bridesmaid dresses and finding out they come from surprising sources or were pulled straight from the bridesmaids’ closets. But the girls I know in real life seem to still be ordering from traditional bridal retailers, like Alfred Sung, J.Crew or David’s Bridal. It got me thinking. Where do most people actually end up ordering their dresses? Are brides still turning to traditional retailers or branching out to smaller online shops? How many people are given free reign to choose a dress they like as long as it’s in a certain color, or even just pull something from the closet at home? And is the trend to splurge on a high-end style or go for the affordable steal? And so, a poll!

You can vote for more than one option, so you can include both the dresses you selected for your own wedding and any dresses you’ve worn as a bridesmaid for your friends’ weddings. Your dress not listed? Please write it in and leave details in the comments below! I’m really interested to see what we discover!

Check all that apply!

Image via Ruffled.