Maid of Honor Speech Tips


Maid of Honor Speech Tips

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Speech

Breaks down the maid of honor speech to help you write the perfect toast for your best friend on her special day. We go through simple ways to start and end the speech and help with brainstorming that tricky middle section.

The Maid of Honor Speech: Do’s and Don’ts

Do bring a glass up with you (after all, you are giving a toast) but don’t use inside jokes or share stories you wouldn’t want to tell the bride’s grandmother. Important points to keep in mind while writing and delivering your speech.

Maid of Honor Speech Writing Prompts

Need some help with trying to figure out what exactly your speech should be about? Try using these questions as a jumping off point and you’ll have a heartfelt, funny speech prepped in no time.

Help! I’m a Maid of Honor Who Hates Public Speaking!

Your best friend is getting married. You’re her maid of honor. It’s all great. You’re ecstatic. Except for one little problem: You HATE public speaking. Well girl, it’s time to face your fear. Giving a toast at the reception is part of your responsibility as a maid of honor. And you CAN do it.