A Rustic Vintage Bridal Shower in Utah

I’ve been trying so hard to sum up this absolutely stunning shower shared by Alixann Loosle Photography and finally I realized that it just contains too many things I love. Bride Maddie’s parents with the help of her friends pulled everything together in their home in Lindon, Utah. The decor is vintage classic at its very best, with heirloom suitcases stacked to display party favors, an old washtub re-purposed as a drink cooler and a weathered chest of drawers serving as part of the buffet. The ambiance is sugary sweet with rock candy, soft pink roses and a dainty fruit pizza bar, but the delicate lace panties strung up across the porch add just the tiniest touch of naughty at a shower that is oh-so-nice. From the ballooned bicycle welcoming guests to the backyard to the miniature potted plants waiting for each guest as they leave, this shower is utter perfection. 005

9 thoughts on “A Rustic Vintage Bridal Shower in Utah

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  3. AG3777

    Hi ! I love the picture tree sticking out of the jar. I was wondering where that jar was purchased and what kind of a jar it is?

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  7. Anonymous

    So cute! I’m wanting to replicate the tree/jar. Where did you get that type of tree?

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