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How to: Timeless Bridesmaid Look

Keeping Your Bridesmaids Trendy but Timeless

We’ve all had this experience: You’re flipping through an old wedding album—even one from just a few years back—and your eyes land on the bridesmaid dresses. The inevitable question pops into your mind: What exactly was the bride thinking? Wedding fashion can be the first thing to date photographs and the bridesmaid dress is often the true test of timelessness. A bridal gown might age a bit if the bride opts for an aggressively modern style, but bridesmaid dresses tend to reflect the times far more than the bride’s dress. Plus, they’re the bride’s best opportunity to infuse her theme into the wedding party.

So how can you incorporate your favorite wedding trend into your bridesmaids’ dresses, but still keep the look timeless?

Be Bold with Color

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Go bold with color!

If you’re going to go bold, color is safer than silhouette. You’re much more likely to regret a quirky fashion trend than a certain shade. You like that color, that’s why you chose it! Plus, colors come in and out of style much faster than sleeve shapes or hemlines. And many colors are simply timeless. Off-the-shoulder tops, however, may be in now, but they could easily go the way of midriffs and puffy sleeves.

Beware Styles You See Everywhere

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Be selective about "in" styles

What’s everywhere today can be overdone in no time. Remember how much you loved chevron a few years ago? Like when you daydreamed about sitting in your chevron-painted living room, wearing your stylish new chevron dress while talking on chevron-bedazzled iPhone about your plans for reupholstering your couch in a lovely slate grey chevron? Yeah, we were all there. Don’t choose a silhouette or style that is absolutely everywhere, because chances are it will age quickly. That being said, occasionally there’s an exception, usually with looks that have always been around but are just having a moment of extra attention. For example: beaded bridesmaid dresses. Beading is having a moment now, but it’s subtle enough that it will never go out of style.

Keep it Subtle with Accessories

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Keep it subtle with accessories.

When thinking about how to pull off your theme, try not to be too literal. You really don’t need much to convey a certain vibe. Accessories are a perfect way to infuse your theme into your bridesmaids without turning their attire into a costume. For example, to pull off a nautical theme without ending up out to sea, choose a classic navy gown and then pair with blue-and-white striped pumps, an ombre canvas clutch or an nautical rope bracelet. Ask your photographer to snap a few details shots to capture your special touches.

Say It with Flowers

How to create a timeless bridesmaid look but still show your personality? Say it with flowers!
Instead of relying on the dress to carry off the theme, let the flowers do the work! Sticking your maids in a highlighter yellow dress for your neon wedding palette probably isn’t going to do them any favors—but your girls will totally shine in a neutral dress with a bouquet of fuchsia dahlias, sherbet-orange gerber daisies and sunny yellow ranunculus.

At the end of the day, don’t stress. We can’t anticipate how we’ll look back on today’s fashion, which trends we’ll cringe at and which will stand the test of time. So you just have to go with what you love and what works for your ladies. When I was a bridesmaid for my friend Amanda, we had some pretty serious discussions about the flowered neckline of her bridesmaid dress. We all loved the dress—the fit was amazing and it looked good on every girl in the wedding party. But who knows? Maybe fifteen years from now Amanda’s daughter will be flipping through her mom’s wedding album and stop at the picture of us in our royal purple dresses with flowered halter necklines. She’ll glance at her mom, roll her eyes, and say, “Mom, what were you thinking!” And I’m fine with that. In fact, I look forward to it.

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Fashion Friday

This week’s Fashion Friday brings you one dress…sort of. We’re all familiar with the concept of the wrap dress—a one-size-fits-most style that can be tucked and tied to create unique silhouettes for each bridesmaid. Generally quite flattering on any body type, the wrap dress is versatile and a dress you’re likely to get a bit of use out of since it can styled to fit your occasion. But not all wrap dresses are equal. I was struck by the gorgeous color palette and added textures and patterns in these “octopus” dresses from Coralie Beatrix. She knows just when to sneak in some ruffles or flounces and lots of the dresses come in two-tone options that make them feel special and singular. The lovely photo shoot didn’t hurt, I admit. The dresses start at $79 and run to about $100, with some exceptions.

Fashion Friday

Today I bring you a couple stunning bridesmaid dresses from Ruche Boutique, purveyors of vintage-inspired dresses at mid-range prices. The line is full of rustic earthy hues and flowy silhouettes. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love the scalloped lace look and the pop of polka dots on this earthy mocha Bouvardia dress. It will be lightweight and breezy in a cotton/nylon blend and won’t break the bank at $69.

The Hydrangea dress is all about the wavelike pleats at the bustline. The flattering empire waist and flowing skirt give a ton of movement. It’s also one of the few dresses at Ruche that comes in multiple colors. You can opt for this lovely sage or grey, burgundy, pink or blue. And the $146 price tag is low for a floor-length gown. There’s also a knee-length option but since it’s $126 and only comes in one color (lavender), I think the floor-length is more bang for your buck.

A scoopneck and pretty pink pleats make this belted beauty super sweet. The braided detail at the belt is especially nice and the color would be a perfect springtime complement to a bride’s rich cream gown. It’s also $65—not bad at all!