Bachelorette Games: Most Likely To…

This game can be hilarious and scandalous, but it won’t work for every bachelorette party. In order for the game to be effective, everyone in the group needs to know one another. If you’re bringing together different groups of friends (college, high school, work, etc), skip this one. This is also a good game to play midway through the night. Let’s say a few drinks in but before you head out to the club (or if you’re staying in, before things get sloppy and you start bringing up high school boyfriends or referencing incidents the bride maaaybe didn’t want mentioned…).

Anyway, here’s how to play.

Step 1. Have a couple drinks.

Step 2. Before the game, you’ll need a set of index cards and a pen. Everyone will need their own hand of cards with the names of each player on a card. So, if 7 girls are playing, each girl should hold seven cards, one for each of their fellow players and one with their own name. You can easily just scribble names on cards before you start, or if you want to get fancy, you could DIY a cool set of cards beforehand with colored paper, glitter, stickers, etc. It’s important that all the cards look the same from the back though so that no one will know which card you’re throwing down. Think deck of playing cards. Backs identical, fronts your call.

Step 3: Let the game begin! You can come up with your own idea of how to start: MOH first, bride first, youngest first. You choose. The first player presents a “Most Likely To…” situation, such as “Most Likely to Kiss a Total Stranger.” Then each player throws down the card of the person they think is “most likely to…” face down. The questioner gathers all the cards, flips them over and tallies them up. If you’re voted most likely, you drink and you also get to come up with the next scenario.

The results can be funny, sweet or revealing depending on the question. Part of the fun is just seeing who gets votes! Some scenarios will go almost exclusively to one player, but others will be split. Since you’re using the cards, you won’t know where the votes are coming from, which adds to the mystery. Unless you’re really sure your group can handle some darker questions, try to keep it friendly. For example, some groups would find “most likely to have a one-night stand” hilarious, but others would think it’s over the line. My advice is to use your judgment and steer the group away from stuff that might hurt feelings.

Here’s a list of Most Likely To… situations to get you thinking.

Most Likely to…

Have kids first

Hook up at the wedding

Be the drunkest at the wedding

Pick someone up at a bar

Be the first/last on the dance floor

Pass out first at this party

Get married next

Lose their purse/ID at a club

Have been the first to kiss a guy

Appear on a reality show

Appear on What Not to Wear

Move to a different country

Make a million dollars

Write a book

Help you move

You can also modify the format of the game to Best/Worst. For example: Best dressed, best flirt, worst liar, worst driver. Don’t let the “most likely to…” format become too restrictive. Questions or statements like “who would you most want to be in the delivery room with you” or “first person you call in a crisis” don’t fit the format to a tee, but they work with the concept of the game and it’s more important to keep the flow than to adhere to the “rules.”

Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Bachelorette Games: Most Likely To…

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  2. Anonymous

    Great idea! LOVE IT, but I’m confused about what to do after the one name is thrown down … is that name now out of your hands for good so will not work for the rest of the questions? So, like Apples to Apples, our options near the end of the game become scarce?

  3. Caitlin Post author

    You pick up all the cards and start with a full hand. There’s really no winner in this game, it’s just hilarious.

  4. Anonymous

    You can have the person who’s name comes up the most take a shot too and turn it into a drinking game!

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