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Bachelorette Party Inspiration Boards: Lipstick, Lingerie & Wine

Lipstick Love

I’ve wanted to do a lipstick inspiration board ever since I saw the very popular image on Pinterest of rows of lipstick kisses framed after a bachelorette party. The dark reds and browns of this Wedding Paper Divas invite pair perfectly with signature cherry whiskey smash cocktails. Outfit the bride in a custom kiss the bride tee and send the guests home with these old-fashioned homemade ball lollipops. I couldn’t resist going a little bit literal with these cherry chocolate kiss cookies and why not throw in a few mustaches to represent the man in her life (even if no boys are allowed).

Lipstick Bachelorette Party Inspiration Board | Ultimate BridesmaidLingerie and Lace

A lingerie shower is by far one of the most popular themes for a bachelorette party, but too often the result is tacky rather than sweet. I recommend keeping things delicate and fresh with light colors and lace—no hot pinks please! We’re going for bridal, not stripper. I decided to infuse a bit of a Parisian vibe since France is known for its lingerie, so I wanted macarons…but it was really hard to pick which ones! Finally I landed on lemon with blackberry filling because I loved the pop of neon sprinkles on the white icing. I carried through the French connection with champagne in glamorous gold-dusted glasses and an “ooh-la-la” invitation. A clothesline to display the underpinnings is a must and I like daffodils for the flowers because they feel so fresh and sweet. These lingerie favors are some of my favorites—each is filled with chai tea or hot chocolate mix!

Lingerie Theme Bachelorette Party Inspiration Board | Ultimate BridesmaidFine Wine

Women and wine—we just click. I loved the smoky charcoal grey and fuchsia of this Girls Night Out invite and added lavender to complete my wine theme. Incorporate wine bottles into your decor by making them into art pieces like these neon paint-dipped ones, by simply filling them with flowers, or by dressing them up with these faux-fur bags. These creative favor packages include some great ideas, like sending your guests off with bath salts, a corkscrew, chocolates, and wine, of course. Sounds like a perfect bath in the making. The food was too fun. Two words: Cheese cake. Literally. For dessert, incorporate the theme with dark chocolate merlot cupcakes or sweet and tart champagne raspberry popsicles.

Wine Theme Bachelorette Party Inspiration Board | Ultimate BridesmaidFor more bachelorette inspiration, visit my Pinterest board.

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An LA Renegade Craft Fair Bachelorette

I’m always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind celebrations, but this one instantly caught my eye—a Renegade Craft Fair bachelorette party! Ica’s friends knew just what this DIY bride would love—a day of silliness and shopping at LA’s Renegade Craft Fair, followed by an intimate (and absolutely stunning) backyard celebration complete with pine-cone place-cards, wine-bottle centerpieces and lots of twinkle lights. Seriously, you’re enjoying the quirky-cool finds at the craft fair, day-dreaming about a lighted vintage ampersand of your own, and then suddenly you’re transported to a picnic wonderland.

Craft Fair Bachelorette Party in LA CABachelorettePartyE-002 CABachelorettePartyE-004CABachelorettePartyE-005 CABachelorettePartyE-006 CABachelorettePartyE-007 CABachelorettePartyE-008 CABachelorettePartyE-009 CABachelorettePartyE-010 CABachelorettePartyE-011 CABachelorettePartyE-012 CABachelorettePartyE-013 CABachelorettePartyE-014 CABachelorettePartyE-015 CABachelorettePartyE-016 CABachelorettePartyE-017

A few words from the bride:

I’m a DC bride who’s blessed with a huge bridal party that lives all over the country. Two of my sweet bridesmaids from LA (Hope and Reinna) decided I should fly out to LA for my last “single lady” trip and threw me an unforgettable bachelorette bash. They know my crafty heart all too well, so the partying began at LA’s Renegade Craft Fair’s Holiday Market. As a DIY bride it was the perfect place to spend time with my ladies, get silly, party and even get some wedding shopping done. They dressed me up from head to toe and made sure I had a good time. While us ladies were out all afternoon, my dear groomsman Christian was setting up and styling an intimate dinner in his in-law’s backyard just for me. When we showed up for dinner I was so overwhelmed with all the prettiness, and all the love I was shown, I cried happy tears. The rest of my evening was filled with my favorite bubblies, my favorite candyies and cupcakes, a scrumptious dinner and countless giggle-filled bachelorette party games. It was such an intimate, one-of-a-kind celebration. I am one blessed and thankful bride.

You can see more images from the special day on her blog, Ica’s Images.

Venue: Renegade Craft Fair LA Holiday | Eats: The Greasy Wiener | Photography: The bride (with the help of her friends, of course)

And some of the bride’s favorite vendors at the fair that she specifically brought home goods from: Oh Hello Friend, Shop Miguez, Love Pray Jewelry, and Joie Studio.