An LA Renegade Craft Fair Bachelorette

I’m always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind celebrations, but this one instantly caught my eye—a Renegade Craft Fair bachelorette party! Ica’s friends knew just what this DIY bride would love—a day of silliness and shopping at LA’s Renegade Craft Fair, followed by an intimate (and absolutely stunning) backyard celebration complete with pine-cone place-cards, wine-bottle centerpieces and lots of twinkle lights. Seriously, you’re enjoying the quirky-cool finds at the craft fair, day-dreaming about a lighted vintage ampersand of your own, and then suddenly you’re transported to a picnic wonderland.

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A few words from the bride:

I’m a DC bride who’s blessed with a huge bridal party that lives all over the country. Two of my sweet bridesmaids from LA (Hope and Reinna) decided I should fly out to LA for my last “single lady” trip and threw me an unforgettable bachelorette bash. They know my crafty heart all too well, so the partying began at LA’s Renegade Craft Fair’s Holiday Market. As a DIY bride it was the perfect place to spend time with my ladies, get silly, party and even get some wedding shopping done. They dressed me up from head to toe and made sure I had a good time. While us ladies were out all afternoon, my dear groomsman Christian was setting up and styling an intimate dinner in his in-law’s backyard just for me. When we showed up for dinner I was so overwhelmed with all the prettiness, and all the love I was shown, I cried happy tears. The rest of my evening was filled with my favorite bubblies, my favorite candyies and cupcakes, a scrumptious dinner and countless giggle-filled bachelorette party games. It was such an intimate, one-of-a-kind celebration. I am one blessed and thankful bride.

You can see more images from the special day on her blog, Ica’s Images.

Venue: Renegade Craft Fair LA Holiday | Eats: The Greasy Wiener | Photography: The bride (with the help of her friends, of course)

And some of the bride’s favorite vendors at the fair that she specifically brought home goods from: Oh Hello Friend, Shop Miguez, Love Pray Jewelry, and Joie Studio.

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