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A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party

For this laid-back beach bachelorette party, the ladies rented a house in Newport Beach and decked it out with pineapples and palm leaves from Paper Source for their tropical beach theme. Bridesmaid Audrey of Love Always, Audrey crafted the sequined floppy hats herself (you can DIY the Life’s a Beach, Out of Office and Do Not Disturb hats with this tutorial). The goal of the weekend was to get in some serious relaxation time at the beach, with the help of a few oversized pool floats, matching T-shirts designed by the MOH and personalized mason jars created by bride Danielle. Audrey’s advice for planning a beach bachelorette? “RELAX. The whole point of a beach bachelorette party is to just lay in the sun and enjoy it, so don’t worry about the small stuff. Instead of going out to a super-fancy dinner, order in pizza to the house. Sleep in a little bit. Make this the beach vacation everyone wants!”

A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey DIY beach hats. A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey DIY Beach Hats. A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey DIY Beach Hats. A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey A Tropical Beach Bachelorette Party | Ultimate Bridesmaid | Love Always, Audrey


A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Weekend

A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette PartyYour best friend has just asked you to be her maid of honor. You’re thrilled, excited, over-the-moon…oh wait, you have to do what? Plan and organize a getaway weekend for all her closest friends, whom you may or may not know? Don’t panic, you can do this.

Bachelorette weekends have become something of the norm, at least in my circle of friends. Since friends are spread out all over the country, it makes sense to come together for a weekend of fun rather than make multiple trips for different parties. But planning can seem daunting, especially when you take into considerations all the feelings and expectations you’re expected to navigate. To help you through this troubled time, here’s my step-by-step guide to planning a bachelorette weekend.

When She Gets Engaged

  • Find out what the bride wants—location, theme, and guest list. The first step in planning any occasion for the bride is to have a one-on-one. The bride should tell you where she wants the party to be and she should provide a guest list, complete with contact information. Try to find two or three potential dates that would work for the bride. If she is open to input on location, give her yours and consult the bridesmaids. However, I highly recommend keeping decisions within this group. Don’t reach out to every single person on her guest list, or else you’ll end up driving yourself insane.
  • Ask the bride how much involvement she wants to have beyond the basics. Some brides are going to want to have input on where you stay and what you do. Others will be relieved to have one less thing to plan. Make sure you know where your lady stands.
  • Reach out to the bridesmaids to finalize a date. The bachelorette party is typically one to two months before the wedding. I do not understand why anyone would want to have it closer to the wedding. The bride has like ten trillion other things to worry about, so give her some breathing room. If all the guests are local, the bride may choose to have the party as close to a few weeks before the wedding, but if guests have to travel, it’s best to put a little space between the two events. Again, do not try to accommodate every person on the bride’s list. There will never be a date and location that works for every girl she wants to invite. Your goal should be to choose a date that works for all the bridesmaids, since they are the most important attendees as the bride’s closest friends.
  • Decide if you need help and then ask for it if you do. As you will see from the length of this post, planning a bachelorette weekend can be pretty time-consuming. All the decisions and details can be overwhelming, especially if you have a busy schedule to begin with. Who has time to price comp all the hotels in Charleston or read through Yelp reviews of sushi places in San Diego? But you have an option: Recruit a cohost. Is there another bridesmaid in the wedding who might have just narrowly been edged out for maid of honor? Or a bridesmaid you are very close with? It also might be wise to recruit a maid who knows the bride from a different period in her life. If you’re the bride’s childhood best friend, ask one of her college friends if she would be willing to cohost with you. Having someone to bounce ideas off of and to split duties (and hosting costs!) with will lower your stress level and also up the fun of planning. Shared Pinterest boards anyone?

Six to Four Months Before the Party

Research your planned destination: It’s time to start getting an idea of what your planned destination has to offer. You’ll need to decide what area you want to stay in and see if there are any activities or spaces the city is famous for that you’ll want to take advantage of. If you’re not familiar with the city, I recommend using resources like Trip Advisor or the DesignSponge City Guides (and, of course, Yelp for restaurants). Reach out to friends, relatives or Facebook acquaintances who live in the area for recommendations. I obsessively keep lists with notes to myself like “good prices for breakfast” or “great location, but no swimming pool.”

Select your type of accommodations:

  • Recruit a host: If you, a bridesmaid or the bride herself has the space and kindness of heart to host the guests for the weekend, go with this option! Accommodations are typically the number one cost for a weekend getaway. If you can eliminate that cost altogether by shacking up at a guest’s house, you will have so much more to work with when planning the weekend’s events. Pros: Drastically cuts down on costs; gives you access to a kitchen so guests can have casual breakfasts, make their own drinks, or create a pot-luck dinner; allows all the guests to hang out together in common areas; eliminates scheduling difficulties like check-in and check-out times. Cons: Host assumes financial burden of providing towels, linens, toiletries, and potentially food and drinks. This can be alleviated by asking the bridesmaids to chip in monetarily or help with set-up and clean-up. Another potential con is that staying at someone’s house might not achieve the same sense of special occasion you experience when staying at a hotel or renting a vacation home.
  • Find a hotel: If you’re traveling to a special destination, staying at a hotel may be your best option. It’s the most low-maintenance, will put you close to major attractions and provide you with a stress-free home base. In some big cities, hotels may offer complimentary transportation to the airport or to major tourist areas. Be sure to check for hidden charges for putting more than the listed amount of people in a room. Sneaking five people into a four-person room is probably doable. Packing six or seven in? Someone may take notice and you may incur extra charges or be asked to rent another room. Pros: No clean up or maintenance and full-service options like room service, laundry and maid service; amenities like pools, gyms, and on-site restaurants; central locations with easy access to transportation; stress-free home base. Cons: Large groups must split up into multiple rooms; check-in and check-out times dictate arrivals and departures; fees may apply for guests over room-occupancy limit.
  • Rent a house: Renting a house may seem like the most expensive option, but that isn’t actually the case. Depending on the size of your party and your needs, sometimes renting a house is actually cheaper. A good place to look for vacation rentals is vrbo.com. You can search for houses by occupancy, bedrooms, location and amenities (you know you want a hot tub!). Pros: Renting a house offers all the benefits of staying with a friend, but without that burden on the host. Cons: Rentals require hefty deposit so you’ll need to plan ahead and get your guests to send checks earlier rather than later. Rental owners are also more likely to be picky about who stays at their home. You don’t have the anonymity of a hotel, so you’ll need to be sure your group can be counted on to clean up and leave the place how you found it. Otherwise you’ll lose your deposit or get stuck with hefty cleaning fees.

Plan events: Map out the broad strokes of your weekend. Will you throw a shower for the bride? Go on a pub crawl? Take a class or some kind of tour? Have a special dinner or visit a certain landmark? See a show or hire entertainment? You do not need to have every moment of every day planned out (and you shouldn’t!), but you do need to work out the big picture. For your own sanity, I recommend planning out two big activities a day, one outing and one meal. Then leave yourself and your guests some breathing room to explore the city on their own or follow your own whims. People will like that you’re providing structure, but also giving them room to make their own suggestions or check out quirky findings of their own. It will also save you time and stress. Planning every moment of this weekend will put you over the edge—so don’t!

Three Months Before the Party

Finalize the guest list: This may seem early, and it is if you are planning a party in the bride’s hometown or where no one has to travel. This applies to destination weekends that will require most of the guests to travel. Think of this as sending a “save-the-date” card. Guests need time to arrange transportation and budget for accommodations. See more on this below. But first, a note on who pays for what. Continue reading

An LA Renegade Craft Fair Bachelorette

I’m always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind celebrations, but this one instantly caught my eye—a Renegade Craft Fair bachelorette party! Ica’s friends knew just what this DIY bride would love—a day of silliness and shopping at LA’s Renegade Craft Fair, followed by an intimate (and absolutely stunning) backyard celebration complete with pine-cone place-cards, wine-bottle centerpieces and lots of twinkle lights. Seriously, you’re enjoying the quirky-cool finds at the craft fair, day-dreaming about a lighted vintage ampersand of your own, and then suddenly you’re transported to a picnic wonderland.

Craft Fair Bachelorette Party in LA CABachelorettePartyE-002 CABachelorettePartyE-004CABachelorettePartyE-005 CABachelorettePartyE-006 CABachelorettePartyE-007 CABachelorettePartyE-008 CABachelorettePartyE-009 CABachelorettePartyE-010 CABachelorettePartyE-011 CABachelorettePartyE-012 CABachelorettePartyE-013 CABachelorettePartyE-014 CABachelorettePartyE-015 CABachelorettePartyE-016 CABachelorettePartyE-017

A few words from the bride:

I’m a DC bride who’s blessed with a huge bridal party that lives all over the country. Two of my sweet bridesmaids from LA (Hope and Reinna) decided I should fly out to LA for my last “single lady” trip and threw me an unforgettable bachelorette bash. They know my crafty heart all too well, so the partying began at LA’s Renegade Craft Fair’s Holiday Market. As a DIY bride it was the perfect place to spend time with my ladies, get silly, party and even get some wedding shopping done. They dressed me up from head to toe and made sure I had a good time. While us ladies were out all afternoon, my dear groomsman Christian was setting up and styling an intimate dinner in his in-law’s backyard just for me. When we showed up for dinner I was so overwhelmed with all the prettiness, and all the love I was shown, I cried happy tears. The rest of my evening was filled with my favorite bubblies, my favorite candyies and cupcakes, a scrumptious dinner and countless giggle-filled bachelorette party games. It was such an intimate, one-of-a-kind celebration. I am one blessed and thankful bride.

You can see more images from the special day on her blog, Ica’s Images.

Venue: Renegade Craft Fair LA Holiday | Eats: The Greasy Wiener | Photography: The bride (with the help of her friends, of course)

And some of the bride’s favorite vendors at the fair that she specifically brought home goods from: Oh Hello Friend, Shop Miguez, Love Pray Jewelry, and Joie Studio.

Mission Bachelorette Party!

I’m fresh off Marisa’s bachelorette party in Savannah and it’s going to take me multiple posts to get through all the details, but I’ll start with the location and some of the resources we used. I could not have planned this weekend alone and was so lucky to have my co-maid of honor Alyssa to take on half the work. MOHs, I highly recommend recruiting help, especially for destination weekends! Since Alyssa and I could bounce ideas off each other, we didn’t have to bother our bride with details and questions and no one person had all the pressure.

Combination bachelorette party/bridal shower weekends are ideal for groups of friends that are spread out over the country. Since I grew up in Florida, went to college in North Carolina and now live in New York, weddings take me all over the East Coast, so travel has become a necessary part of these events. I’m not going to lie—it’s much more difficult to plan events from afar, but it’s possible! And may I strongly recommend Savannah, GA, for ladies in the South.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. No open container laws. That’s right, ladies, when you order a drink in Savannah they’ll ask you if you’d like that in a to-go cup. Marisa got fun LED light cups for us to carry around the city, which served the dual purpose of looking awesome and helping us keep track of our group. You can find the cups here.
  2. Huge variety of bars and restaurants. Savannah really has something for everyone. We went to dive bars, karaoke bars, Western bars with bull-riding and line dancing, rooftop bars with live music and fire pits, and clubs with black lights and nonstop dancing. There are also good dining options for any budget. We were looking for the most affordable options and also had a huge group (15 girls) but were able to find low-priced dinners each night that didn’t require a reservation. Of course, you’re not going to get in to some of the most popular spots without calling ahead, but the city is packed with solid options if you’re willing to try something new.
  3. Very walkable. Savannah is a great walking city, so there’s no need for a designated driver and bar-hopping is simple. Make sure your hotel or house has a parking option though, as spots can be hard to come by on the street. My advice is to try to park your car when you arrive and only retrieve it when it’s time to leave.

Alyssa and I compared renting a house for the weekend with staying at a hotel and we ended up going with the hotel. There are definite pros and cons to each, but because of the size of our group, we decided that a hotel would be simpler (finding a house that sleeps 15 is difficult). If you have a group of 6-8, I think staying in a house would be ideal and recommend vrbo.com (Vacation Rental by Owner) as a great resource. We chose to stay at one of the many hotels along Bay Street, mostly for the great central location. We were only a block from River St. and City Market, areas that are rich in bars and restaurants.

We picked the Four Points by Sheraton because the price was right and booked two regular rooms and one “suite.” The hotel was clean and the staff friendly, but I wouldn’t recommend springing for the suite. While it was nice to have a living room for all the girls to gather in, the room wasn’t really any larger than the normal double rooms. There are lots of other hotels all along that strip in roughly the same price range and I think the area’s convenience makes it a good option, especially if your group plans to party a lot. If you’re looking for a more laid-back weekend, staying on one of the squares would be more picturesque and really put you right in the center of Savannah’s southern charms.
Posts to come on our bar crawl/ghost tour, bridal shower in Forsyth Park, favors, collaborative gifts, and more.