21 Spectacular Bridal Shower Themes

When it’s time to choose a bridal shower theme, think about the things that are meaningful to your friend. Explore her interests and passions and see if one would translate into a great bridal shower. Don’t throw a tea party just because it’s the first idea that pops into your head—go for the tea party theme if your friend can’t get enough of all things British, brews her own loose tea or collects vintage teapots. Tailoring the shower to your friend’s interests and personality will not only make it more unique and memorable—it will also make it way more fun! Here, 21 ideas for spectacular bridal showers.

1. Tea Party

One of the most common and classic bridal shower themes. Check out our tea party inspiration board on Pinterest  to find ideas for creating an elegant tea that’s the perfect mix for a vintage yet modern bride.

2. Lingerie

Another very popular shower theme. I recommend keeping things delicate and fresh with light colors and lace—no neon-pink corset cookies, please! This rustic vintage shower uses lingerie as an accent rather than the focus and the results are so sweet.

3. Carnival

A carnival theme is a great excuse to go crazy with colors and candy—plus, it brings out the kid in everyone. I love this chic fairground shower with an old-timey iron cart serving as a snow cone bar and pinstriped table linens lined with bursts of colorful blooms.

4. Spa

Book a spa day or host your own pampering party at home. There are tons of easy spa treatment kits available, from do-it-yourself facials to this floral foot bath. Ask everyone to wear fluffy robes and slippers to complete your total relaxation. (Image via Gardenista)

5. Travel

If the bride is a world traveler, channel her wanderlust with a vacation theme. Choose her favorite destination to inspire the decor and food (Parisian niciose salad or Italian caprese), or incorporate lots of her favorite locales and tie them together with maps, vintage luggage and a passport invitation. A great  gift theme: the honeymoon! (Image via Sarah Tucker)

6. Garden Party

Head to a nearby garden store, a public garden or a greenhouse, or host in your own back garden. Flowers are the centerpiece, but it’s great to get your hands a little dirty as well. A make-your-own-terrarium class provides a unique activity as well as a long-lasting favor. (Image via Ruffled)

7. Fiesta

Who doesn’t love a fiesta? The colors are bright, the food is delicious and the drinks are strong—the perfect inspiration for a fun backyard bridal shower (check out more ideas here). (Image via Little Miss Party)

8. Nautical

Perfect for a boathouse brunch, a luncheon by the lake or a beach picnic . Nautical can mean whatever you want it to, whether you go with the classic sailing style with blue and white stripes (and a hint of navy sequin to glam it up, of course) or translate it into a breezy beach theme with sea glass greens and a touch of sand. Check out our Nautical Inspiration Board on Pinterest for more ideas. (Image via Style Me Pretty)

9. Picnic

Imagine a backyard party complete with lawn games, hearty boxed lunches, and plenty of craft beers. It’s casual, colorful and just plain fun (who’s bringing the croquet set!(Image via Eric Kelley Photography)

10. Cocktails with Class

Get your girlfriends together to create and sample a few new cocktails. Everyone should know how to make a signature drink! I love The Sweetest Occasion for unique cocktail recipes (check out her Cherry Blueberry Smash for a yummy summer sip). (Image via The Sweetest Occasion)

11. Get Crafty

If you have a full-on DIY bride on your hands and a group of girls who don’t mind getting crafty,  offer to help with a few of her wedding projects. Just make sure the shower doesn’t turn into a work day. Tackle one or two projects, then spend the rest of the time enjoying nibbles, cocktails and each other’s company. (Image via Gather Events)

12. Glitter and Glamor

Go gold and bold with lots of sequin, sparkle and confetti. Keep things classic with a mix of metallics and blacks—pink glitter overload can start to be a bit too little girl. How about a photo shoot with tons of biodegradable confetti?

13. Neon

Chances are a lot of current brides were born in the 80s, so what’s the harm in taking inspiration from the decade that brought her into the world? Plus, you can make neon feel completely current with a few easy tips. Check out our Neon Inspiration Board for more ideas. (Image via Ruffled)

14. Kitchen

Cooking together really is a great bonding experience. Attend a cooking class to tackle something a bit more advanced (maybe fresh pasta or bread making) or just whip up a few of the bride’s favorite dishes as a group. Coordinate the gifts to shower her with all the kitchen gadgets her heart could desire.

15. Yoga

I’ve always loved the idea of incorporating activity into showers and parties and this kind of party will make the bride feel good about herself and allow her to let loose with her friends as well. Start with a yoga class, then transition to a delicious brunch. (Image via Bridal Musings)

16. Cozy Cabin

Nip in the air? Get cozy in a woodsy cabin retreat with a mug of hot cocoa. This theme is perfect for a fall shower. Take a look at this elegant Vermont shower for more ideas.

17. Wine Tasting

Spend the day at a nearby winery or swirl and sip a variety of vintages at home. Want to tie in your imbibing with the wedding? Use the shower as a venue for tasting and selecting the wines you’ll serve at your wedding!

18. Her Favorite TV Show/Movie

Yep, that’s a Downton Abbey shower folks! Why not have a little fun with one of your bride’s obsessions? It’s probably worth it for the costumes alone. (Image via Southbound Bride)

19. Pool Party

Remember when pool parties were the social invitations of your summer calendar? Relive your childhood delight with an afternoon of sunning and swimming, followed by a poolside barbecue (with plenty of watermelon!). (Image by Paige Winn Photography)

20. Perfume Bar

Each guest can create a personal scent with an at-home perfume kit or contact a company like this one to set up a fragrance bar in your home. (Image via Grace and Glamor)

21. Glamping

A lady likes to enjoy the great outdoors, but she can look good doing it, no? Build a campfire for smores and more upscale camping fare if you’re daring (check out Campfire Cookery for ideas). (Image via Zipporah K Photography)


What’s your favorite bridal shower theme? What would you want for your shower?

 Images via Ultimate Bridesmaid unless otherwise noted.