50 Simple and Stylish DIY Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Decoration Ideas

50 Simple and Stylish DIY Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Decoration Ideas from Ultimate Bridesmaid

So you’re planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party and need some ideas for simple yet stylish party decor? You know, something that’s going to look awesome but doesn’t require power tools and an MFA. Maybe you’re wondering how to arrange flowers in a creative way. Or you need a simple photo booth idea you can put together in a snap. Looking for inexpensive and easy but gorgeous party decorations? We’ve got ideas—50 of em, to be exact.

50 Simple and Stylish DIY Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Decoration Ideas from Ultimate Bridesmaid

1. Love It Table Display: Some glittery paper, a bit of baker’s twine, metallic wrapping paper, a few fairy lights and ta-da! A gorgeous table display that she’ll absolutely love.

2. Hey Girl Law Sign: You had me at “hey.” This simple DIY yard sign will make a huge impact at an outdoor bridal shower (plus, there’s a bonus matching printable placemat!).

3. Confetti-Dipped Balloons: Balloons are probably the simplest and most inexpensive decor you can find—and there are plenty of ways to make them extra-special. Try adding metallic gold confetti (once you start dipping things in glitter, you probably won’t be able to stop).

4. Simple Conversation Balloons: It could not be easier to jazz up regular old balloons. Suddenly they look thoughtful and totally pop (well, not literally).

5. Kissed Balloons: I’m kind of obsessed with these balloons. Like, how could you not be? Carry the kiss theme through your party with a Dress Code: Red Lip theme.

6. Confetti-Filled Balloons: Add a pop of color to a simple clear balloon by filling it with confetti. Simple yet stunning, this DIY will be done in a snap.

7. Confetti Sticks: When in doubt, add more confetti. These cute confetti sticks make an adorable display on your table and a great favor as well.

8. Glitter Champagne Bottles: You’ve seen it, you’ve loved it, now do it yourself.

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9. Lace Curtain & Bedsheet Photo Booth: You’d never guess that this background is a combination of lace curtains, bedsheets and tablecloths. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.

10. Flower statement wall: Any flowers + colored washi tape of your choice = amazing statement wall.

11. Popsicle Photo Booth Backdrop: This DIY photo booth backdrop just screams summer.

12. Balloon Photo Booth: Balloon truth: The more you have, the better.

13. Fringed Photo Booth: Need a bold background for a photo booth (that won’t take forever to assemble)? Look no further than this simple fringed backdrop project.

14. Tropical Photo Booth Props: We love these printable photo booth props for a summer bridal shower or destination bachelorette weekend at the beach.

15. Honeycomb Heart: Have honeycomb diamonds, can create honeycomb heart. Perfect for a photo booth backdrop or a statement wall to draw the eye.

16. Kaleidoscope of Colors Paper Garland: Sometimes the right combination of simplicity and excess is the key—like in this simple yet stunning paper garland. It’s not perfect and regimented—it’s wild and fun!

17. Streamer Background: Feel overwhelmed by DIYs? Can you hang lots and lots of streamers? You can do this then.

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18-23. Piñata-palooza: There’s something pretty spectacular about a piñata. Fill yours with candy, mini liquor bottles, light-up rings, temporary tattoos, confetti—whatever. Here are a few of our favorites: DiamondGilded Piñata MakeoverPineapple, Lipstick, Watermelon and Taco.

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24. Hanging Flower Chandelier: You don’t have to be a florist to made a strong statement with flowers. Choose full, long-stemmed blooms to create this stunning floral chandelier.

25. Flower Cans: We love finding innovative objects to use as vases. Tomato cans give a vintage vibe to these bright gerber daisies.

26. Gold Painted Vases: Add instant specialness to a vase by dipping it in liquid gold leaf.

27. Pineapple Vase: Hosting a luau? This easy trick will bring the island vibe to your shower in no time.

28. Popcorn Flowers: Who knew that popcorn containers filled with hydrangeas or ranunculus could look so much like the real thing! These arrangements were the perfect detail for a carnival-themed shower.

29. Tea Pot Planter: The perfect decor for your tea party shower. A pure white pot has a more modern look, or go for a vintage vibe with patterned mismatched china.

30. Scrapbook Paper Vases: Collect plain glass bottles and decorate with scrapbook paper and a bit of twine. This DIY is so fast, but the result is contemporary and oh so cute.

50 Simple and Stylish DIY Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Decoration Ideas from Ultimate Bridesmaid

31. Bunting Banner: A great way to incorporate her wedding colors at a low cost. This simple DIY project uses fabric scraps, double-sided tape and a little fishing wire for major impact.

32. Rug and Pillow Seating: Mix things up by nixing the chairs. Mix and match an assortment of rugs and pillows for a relaxed outdoor dining experience.

33. Messages for the Bride: These clever bridesmaids covered a message board in wrapping paper to match the shower’s color scheme, then taped up envelopes for the months and days leading up to the wedding. Guests left both silly and serious messages of encouragement and love for the bride to read as her big day approaches.

34. Gold Confetti Table Linens: Fab alert! This killer gold table runner is actually made from metallic sheeting from Party City, sold in 15-foot rolls and perfect for making affordable look chic!

35. Black and White Letter Board: Simple yet bold, a sweet saying on a black and white letter board adds a perfect accent to your table.

36. Closet Bar: Short on space? Turn your closet into a bar. These bridesmaids draped gold tinsel in the back of the closet and added a gold-framed sign to create this whimsical moment.

50 Simple and Stylish DIY Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Decoration Ideas from Ultimate Bridesmaid

37. Poolside Decor: These creative bridesmaids incorporated spring greenery, tons of tassel garlands and a cute and simple banner to create a whimsical poolside oasis.

38. Vintage Wash Tub Drink Cooler: Not everyone has a vintage wash tub lying around, but take a cue from this example and reimagine things you (or your grandma) already have in your home.

39. Flower Wall Sconces: I would have these in my house all the time if possible.

40. Travel Shower Suitcase Cake Display: A vintage suitcase made the perfect cake display for this travel-themed bridal shower. The bride also had a fruit and yogurt bar, so empty fruit containers serve as a great accent.

41. Flowers in Limes: Use this quirky styling trick for a fiesta bridal shower. We love the freshness of the lime green (not to mention the scent of citrus in the air).

42. Lemon Place Card: So cute, so easy and so fresh. Half a lemon and a few scraps of patterned paper or fabric are all you need to create this sunny little place card.

43. Glitter Craft Letters: The crafty ladies of Linen, Lace and Love created an Ice Cream Bar sign using craft letters from Paper Source and some spray paint, but you can use their method to create any message. Simple and stunning.

50 Simple and Stylish DIY Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Decoration Ideas from Ultimate Bridesmaid

44. Confetti Poppers: While this DIY looks complicated, it’s actually incredibly simple. Which is our very favorite type of DIY.

45. Rustic Vintage Tree Photo Display: An antique glass water jug and a branch from the host’s yard made for a rustic natural photo display.

46. Picture balloon: Displaying pictures of the bride- and groom-to-be is always a nice idea. You can also celebrate the bride’s friendships by using pictures of her with the important women in her life, or use pictures of the bride throughout her life for the old “guess what age the bride is” game. I love this creative method of displaying the photos.

47. Gem Statement Wall: We’re a little bit in love with a “You’re a Gem” party. There are just so many cute decor options…like this statement gem-covered wall.

48. Rossette Tablecloth: Pretty patterned linens can be expensive. You know what’s not expensive? Lettuce. That’s right, this tablecloth’s bold pattern is made with lettuce.

49. Pinwheel Wall: Go crazy with pinwheels to create this statement wall. The paper decorations make a huge impact at an affordable price.

50. Floating Presents: Just wrap styrofoam blocks to pull off this trick. (Pro tips: Don’t wrap the bottom—these won’t last forever and leaving the bottom unwrapped will extend their life a bit. Also, only put them in the pool right as the party begins.)