A Linens and Lace Bridal Shower

There’s something beautiful about taking ordinary objects—like bedsheets and tablecloths—and turning them into the delicate backdrop for a sweet bridal shower. Bridesmaid and photographer Helen and her fellow maids did just that for bride Irene’s tea-party shower. Hosted at her fiance’s family home, the shower features linens and lace with plenty of texture to create photobooths, a charming dessert spread and even a scrapbooking station! The result feels like the sweetest little tag sale you’ve ever seen, or laundry day gone oh-so-right. linens and lace bridal shower 002 linens and lace bridal shower 003A a photobooth with linen tablecloths 005 sweet bridal shower spread adorable bridal shower photobooth ideas 008 009 010 011 012Helen shares how she and the other bridesmaids came together to create this pretty scene:

We tried to adhere to Irene’s preferences for pastel colors and hearts as we planned her garden tea party–themed shower. Her fiancé’s backyard was a wonderland that boasted amazing levels for partitioned scrapbooking, food, photobooth, and lounging/games areas. We used vintage hankie bunting from our wedding to line the weathered fence, staircase, and deck; pastel and lace tablecloths to spruce up the furniture; vintage milk glass vases bursting with fresh flora to accentuate tables; delicate doilies and tissue paper hearts to embellish windowpanes; and an amalgamation of vintage tablecloths, lace, and fabric to construct a makeshift photobooth. The photobooth was my favorite feature, as sweet guests made use of time-honored props to immortalize fun memories with the bride-to-be.

Thanks to Helen for sharing these images from the day. You can see more of her beautiful photography on her blog, Ah, That’s Love.

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