Perfect Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Invites for Every Party Theme

Invitations can set the tone for a party, but sifting through all the options out there can be a little overwhelming. Especially when, let’s face it, a lot of the designs we see are pretty underwhelming. Ooooh, another bachelorette invitation that looks like a corset!? How truly revolutionary! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite standout bachelorette and bridal shower invitations. Some are bold and modern, some are feminine and girly and some are just all-around fun.

For a 90s Throwback Bridal Shower:brides just wanna have fun invite : perfect for a 90s throwback bridal shower or bachelorette slumber party

The perfect invitation for a 90s throwback bridal shower. Put N*SYNC on loop, get those episodes of Boy Meets World and Gilmore Girls streaming and dig out your glitter nail polish, girls!

For a Bridal Shower Brunch: 

bridal shower brunch invitation : great for a bridal brunch or a mimosa bar party

I’m kind of obsessed with the chic Southern charm of this invite. The contrast of the loopy “Bubbly” with the bold block lettering, plus the sophisticated navy and nectarine color palette, just makes this feel fresh and fun.

For a Bachelorette Beach Weekend:

beach bachelorette invitation : perfect invite for miami beach bachelorette, palm beach bachelorette, bahamas bachelorette, key west bachelorette

The bold sunset colors of this invite immediately caught my attention. If a Miami Beach* bachelorette party is in your future, this invite perfectly channels laid-back seaside vibes. *Works for Key West, Palm Springs, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc., too.

For a Tea Party Bridal Shower:

love is brewing : perfect tea party bridal shower invitation invite

I love this one so much, I maybe just bought it for a friend’s tea party shower in August. The unique “Love is Brewing” slogan sets it apart from other tea party invites while the bold brushstrokes of the floral pattern and the metallic gold lettering make this invite feel modern yet feminine.

For a Bachelorette Night Out:

bride tribe bachelorette invitation : perfect invite for a bachelorette party

I often complain about the prevelance of black and pink in bachelorette invites. This one is just the perfect shade of not-quite purple/not-quite pink that makes it feel girly, but like, cool-girly. And if there’s one bachelorette trend I can get behind, it’s a Bride Tribe. Partying with your ladies is what it’s all about!

For a Garden Bridal Shower:garden bridal shower invitation : succulent invite for a garden party

This adorable succulent bridal shower invitation is my favorite for a garden party. Because let’s face it, succulents are still so it right now. We’re not growing roses in my apartment, I’ll tell you that.

For a Stock the Bar Couple Shower:

stock the bar invitation : perfect for a couple shower invitation

Pro tip: When you’re looking for a cute couple shower invite, don’t look in the bridal shower section. Search under general parties (birthdays, housewarming, backyard BBQs) for more gender-neutral invitations that don’t scream “bride.” I found this one under birthday and just updated the text for a couple shower!