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When it’s time to pick a theme for the shower, lingerie is going to come up inevitably. And it can be a really fun idea, but only if a couple very important factors line up. First, make sure that the bride will be comfortable with it. Not everyone likes the idea of handing out their sizes to their guests and unwrapping unmentionables while everyone looks on. Second, I recommend limiting lingerie showers to groups of girlfriends of around the same age. Chances are your bride will have at least one shower thrown by a parent or friend of the family and ladies of all age groups will be present. Some women may only know the bride through her mother or a relative. A lingerie shower in that instance is just going to get awkward.

If points one and two are met, full steam ahead! My friend Amanda had a lovely lingerie shower at her home in Atlanta, thrown by her amazing maid of honor and sister, Emily. Amanda’s shower was part of a combination bachelorette/bridal shower weekend since many of her close friends and bridesmaids (including me!) are spread out over the country.

The food theme was sweet and a little sinful (to fit the lingerie). While Amanda left the house to go for her hair trial, all the bridesmaids pitched in to prepare the food and decorate the house. Hosting the shower at home helps to greatly cut down the expense and also lowers the stress level. We were able to pump some music as we melted chocolate for chocolate-covered strawberry and fondue.

Emily broke out their family’s beautiful silver punch bowl and put together a family-favorite punch. The scoops of ice cream made it look a little crazy at first, but it tasted like heaven and as the ice cream melted it all came together.

Before Amanda arrived, a few of the bridesmaids decided to run to Wal-Mart for a few last-minute gag gifts…like the biggest Granny panties we could find in the store! We also picked up a little something for the groom—a pair of camo boxer-briefs and a matching camo bra for Amanda.

After all the gifts were opened, we strung them up on a clothesline for pictures. All the lacy things looked so cute hung up together (though we took them down before the groom got home—we wanted them to be a surprise!).

As for where to find bridal lingerie, I always try to skip Victoria’s Secret. They have some great pieces, but since it’s such a popular lingerie destination, you run the risk of ending up with duplicate gifts. They only have so many “bridal” pieces each season, so if you do want to go VS, it might be wise to save the receipts just in case. Or, steer clear of the bridal pieces and pick up a brightly colored cotton push-up bra and matching panties. She’ll get more wear out of them and they’re supercomfy and cute.

Here are a few other retailers you can visit online or in stores that have similar prices and supercute pieces.

Only Hearts: I’m a little bit obsessed with the comfy cozy and oh-so-sexy offerings at Only Hearts. For sex appeal, go for this lacy racerback or try cutesy cool with this Aztec romper.

Madewell: Polka dot bras and panties. Need I say more? A little bit see-through in totally chic colors. Love.

H&M: Unfortunately H&M doesn’t yet offer online shopping in the U.S., but if you have access to a store the lingerie can’t be beat. The price is quite low and the pieces range from sweet to risque. They even have thigh-highs.

Gap Body: The Gap has come a long way from just the basics. Gap Body now has a really nice line of lacy bras and thongs. I’m partial to this powder blue number.

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