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Fall 2013 Bridesmaid Trend Report

Well folks, lace and neutrals are not going away. These trends continue in many of the new fall bridesmaid collections, but a few designers have taken a fresh approach with floral-inspired laces and unique new shades. The color palette is shifting from bright summer hues to warm jewel tones like garnet and classic navy. A new trend that is popping up all over the place is the illusion neckline. Take a peek at the gallery for a few of our favorite Fall 2013 bridesmaid styles and let us know what you think in the comments.

From top left to bottom right: Donna Morgan Coco Lace | Lela Rose Neutral Lace | J.Crew Sara Lace Dress | Dessy Black Floral Lace | Lela Rose Navy Illusion Neckline | J.Crew Megan Dress in Polka Dot | BHLDN Ava Maxi | Dessy Full-Length Gown with Sequin Neckline | BHLDN Choreography Dress | J.Crew Helene in Liquid Jersey | Donna Morgan Diana Velvet Shift

Nautical Bridal Shower Inspiration

Earlier this week, I put together a nautical inspiration board for my friend Rosie over at TrueBlu...and I just couldn’t stop. I set into a kind of blue-and-white-striped frenzy, during which I seriously began to consider incorporating lobster art and a giant marquee anchor light into my home decor. Needless to say, I had more than enough inspiration for another board!

nautical inspiration board 2

I started with this amazing image of sea grasses and wildflowers in colored glass bottles and I knew I had to bring in one of my all-time favorite J.Crew bridesmaid dress images, which was shot in Maine. From there, it was easy to run with the New England theme and add a lobster boil and a crisp cucumber cranberry Cape Codder cocktail (say that five times fast!). This adorable “dropping the anchor and tying the knot” tank and invitation make the perfect tagline for the shower and white and blue striped heels could class up a casual look. A chocolate tart with red and blue berries looks like a decadent end to the meal (but it’s paleo and vegan!), while this sea clay beauty set makes the perfect favor.

The inspiration doesn’t stop there. Check out my Nautical Pinterest board or hop over to TrueBlu to see my first nautical inspiration board, complete with Mastbrother’s anchor-printed chocolates (my kind of party favor!) and a recipe for firecracker ice pops.

Fashion Friday

So, full disclosure: My 9-to-5 is at J.Crew corporate, where I work as a proofreader on the catalog, website, blogs, and more. I try to be balanced in my coverage of bridesmaid dresses here and avoid sharing every J.Crew style I love, but I have been absolutely dying to share this wedding shoot with you ever since I saw it a few months ago. Now that it’s finally out in the September catalog I’m thrilled to show it here. I can’t get enough of the lobster shack setting in Maine (I want to go to there!), but even more inspiring is the mix of dresses in the same color family and entirely different fabrics. The dresses are also accessorized with bold, bright pieces, including statement necklaces, studded belts, leopard clutches and even a rugged field jacket. The finished shoot feels effortlessly modern, but looks stunningly chic.

1. Natalia dress, $365. 2. Cecelia dress, $195. Strapless lace, $295. Lousia dress, $250. 3. Arabelle dress, $250. Sinclair dress, $250. 4. Raquel dress, $235. Downtown field jacket, $148. 5. Heidi dress, $250. Lucienne one-shoulder dress, $250.

Shop the catalog here or visit the website for the full collection.