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Nautical Bridal Shower Inspiration

Earlier this week, I put together a nautical inspiration board for my friend Rosie over at TrueBlu...and I just couldn’t stop. I set into a kind of blue-and-white-striped frenzy, during which I seriously began to consider incorporating lobster art and a giant marquee anchor light into my home decor. Needless to say, I had more than enough inspiration for another board!

nautical inspiration board 2

I started with this amazing image of sea grasses and wildflowers in colored glass bottles and I knew I had to bring in one of my all-time favorite J.Crew bridesmaid dress images, which was shot in Maine. From there, it was easy to run with the New England theme and add a lobster boil and a crisp cucumber cranberry Cape Codder cocktail (say that five times fast!). This adorable “dropping the anchor and tying the knot” tank and invitation make the perfect tagline for the shower and white and blue striped heels could class up a casual look. A chocolate tart with red and blue berries looks like a decadent end to the meal (but it’s paleo and vegan!), while this sea clay beauty set makes the perfect favor.

The inspiration doesn’t stop there. Check out my Nautical Pinterest board or hop over to TrueBlu to see my first nautical inspiration board, complete with Mastbrother’s anchor-printed chocolates (my kind of party favor!) and a recipe for firecracker ice pops.

An Antique Vermont Cabin Bridal Shower

Soft candlelight, a rustic wood cabin, long-stem roses, strawberries and champagne—all you could ever need for warm country elegance. While a light summer rain fell outside, the ladies were comfy and cozy in the gorgeous home of bride Jen’s future mother-in-law in Woodstock, Vermont. Jen’s family secretively drove up from Maryland to help surprise the bride, and sister and professional wedding photographer Laura Elizabeth captured each sweet shot of the day. It’s obvious that Jen was moved by the love that went in to planning this surprise—so many of these images are full of emotion (ladies dabbing tears of joy at the table just melts my heart)! The home’s stunning collection of antique tables, wingback chairs and lush oriental rugs lends a sophisticated warmth to the rustic New England lodge. Decorating idea I’m stealing: single long-stem roses at each place setting—it’s so unexpected but undeniably romantic.