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A Rustic Vintage Bridal Shower in Utah

I’ve been trying so hard to sum up this absolutely stunning shower shared by Alixann Loosle Photography and finally I realized that it just contains too many things I love. Bride Maddie’s parents with the help of her friends pulled everything together in their home in Lindon, Utah. The decor is vintage classic at its very best, with heirloom suitcases stacked to display party favors, an old washtub re-purposed as a drink cooler and a weathered chest of drawers serving as part of the buffet. The ambiance is sugary sweet with rock candy, soft pink roses and a dainty fruit pizza bar, but the delicate lace panties strung up across the porch add just the tiniest touch of naughty at a shower that is oh-so-nice. From the ballooned bicycle welcoming guests to the backyard to the miniature potted plants waiting for each guest as they leave, this shower is utter perfection. 005

Bridal Shower Favors from ModCloth

Uhm, you guys, I am so freaking excited. And may I tell you why? ModCloth has started a line of home goods! When did this happen and why did I not know about it before Christmas?? They are clearly selling everything like hotcakes as new items are appearing daily and sold-out items reappearing due to demand. We’ll soon be rolling in delightfully cute elephant salt shakers and world-shaped cork boards. I’ve brought together some charming little creatures that would be perfect as bridal shower favors. All work out to less than $15 a guest, and sometimes much less. The mini mason jars are $50 for a set of 12, including straws! My personal favorite? The vintage-style birdcage hooks.

ultimate bridesmaid bridal shower favors from modcloth

Shop the entire ModCloth home goods collection here.

Gift Guide: For Foodies and New Yorkers (and Brooklynites!)

ultimate bridesmaid gift guide for foodies and new yorkers

New Yorkers and Brooklynites: Jim Datz City Series Brooklyn | Rifle Paper Co. 2013 Cities Calendar | City Storyteller Scarf | Pixelated Brooklyn Bridge Tee | Manhattan Pillow

Foodies: McClure’s Pickles | David Rio Tiger Spice Chai | Cast-Iron Bacon PressDIY Cheese Kit | Wine Ice Cream

Gift Guide: A Book for Every Person on Your List

books ultimate bridesmaid gift guide

1 Edible Selby | 2 Mrs. Queen Takes the Train | 3 The Year of the Flood | 4 Mr. Boddington’s Penguin Classic Alice in Wonderland |  5 How to Be a Woman | 6 Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore | 7 The Newlywed Cookbook | 8 Zone One  | 9 Harry Potter Moleskin

Gift Guide: Fashionistas and World Travelers

fashion and travel ultimate bridesmaid gift guide Fashionistas: 1 Liberty Crystal Braid Bracelet | 2 Embroidered Clutch | 3 Flocked Penguins Cardigan | 4 Happy Socks | 5 Hepcat Shades | 6 Fair Isle Leggings | 7 Printed Briefcase

World Travelers: 1 Backup Battery for iPhone | 2 Scratch Off World Map | 3 I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded

Gift Guide: Quirky, Cool Finds for the Home

So, here’s what happened. I quite innocently thought, “Oh, I’ll make a gift guide for the site. That will be fun!”. Well folks, I may have a very serious problem. It quickly became clear to me that this sucker was going to need categories and a swirly number font. And multiple posts. If there is support group for people who obsessively create gift guides, please contact me. For the rest of you, enjoy. To come: Books, fashion, and the perfect finds for travelers, foodies and all those who love New York!

home goods ultimate bridesmaid gift guide1 Ombre Wooden Spoons | 2 Sumi Spoons Oblong Platter | 3 Mermaid Vase | 4 Letterpress Cork Coasters | 5 Penguin Friends Dessert Plates | 6 Ceramic Owl Speaker | 7 Click and Grow Basil Plant | 8 Pac-Man Mugs | 9 Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses | 10 A Morning Without Coffee Print

Best of: Etsy Bridesmaid Gifts

A roundup of a few of my favorite finds on Etsy right now.

A classy lady needs a classy flask, am I right? Groomsmen can’t have all the fun. The high-heeled boot and vintage-looking wash say “I’m a lady, but I can hold my liquor.”

You spent so much time on those wedding photos, why not present your maids with rustic custom frames to display them? Send the seller a picture of your bridesmaids’ dresses and he’ll hand draw a gown to match, then burn it into the wood along with your maid’s name.

Supply your girls with comfy and cute handprinted TOMS so they can dance the night away.

Perfect for those bridesmaid survival kits I know you’re planning on making. The seller will also personalize with your names, wedding date—whatever you want!

These button-front kaftans will look great and keep you from messing up your hair and makeup while getting ready the day of the wedding. Available in long or short styles, drawstring or buttons. The silk floral prints are stunning!

Why not just get them something cute? These patterned wristlets are sweet as can be with a dainty bow and perfect for storing their essentials the day of the wedding. No bulky bags, but cell, gloss, etc on hand.