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When I found this New York Times article on incorporating workout classes like yoga and Pilates into a bachelorette party, I have to admit I was at first quite skeptical. After all, the first thing I associate with the word “bachelorette” is alcohol. But the more I think about, the more I actually do like this idea. Then I saw these images on Bridal Musings, and I was sold:

Let’s be honest: Most brides are trying to look their best the day of, and that doesn’t end with the bride. The bridal party wants to look good too…after all, we have to be in all those pictures! Plus, I know lots of girls who love working out (I happen to be one of them). And since I’ve always loved the idea of incorporating activity into showers and parties (see kickball and field day suggestions), I don’t know why I didn’t entertain this idea earlier. Why not run a 5K together complete with sashes, signs and T-shirts? A dance class might be perfect—you still get your groove on, but you also burn calories! And the physical activity part can just be the beginning of the party. Start with yoga, then head to the spa for massages or manicures and toast the bride with some champagne, then finish with a dinner and, yes, drinks.

Some additional advantages I see:

  • We’ve all seen a friend get way too drunk or overdo it at a party. Adding a workout class before the drinking begins will help get everyone’s metabolism up and you’re less likely to get wasted. Chances are you’ll also drink less.
  • If the bride really is super dedicated to looking great for her wedding, this kind of party will make her feel good about herself and allow her to let loose with her friends as well.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • When choosing your class or activity, think about the skill level of all your guests. You want to be sure you choose something that all those invited will not only feel comfortable with but will also enjoy. If your friends are all super-athletic, feel free to pick a higher-level class. But if you have mixed skill levels, go with beginner. The comfort of your guests is the most important thing and, honestly, this isn’t about getting the toughest workout of your life. It’s still a party.
  • Make sure guests bring a change of clothes if there will be other activities after the class, and make sure the facility has showers, hair dryers, shampoo, and everything else the girls will need to get ready.

Brides love this idea? This bride had her yoga party the morning of the wedding and turned it into a brunch for her bridesmaids. Also an amazing idea!

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    This, my friends, is an amazing idea. And those sure are some flexibly Bridesmaids! (P.S. we love the bouquets!) Who wouldn’t want to release some stresses and have a relaxing day on the yoga mat with your best friends before your wedding!? We hope this trend catches on!

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