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Spa Bridal Shower Inspiration

Is there any group of people in more desperate need of relaxation than brides-to-be? A spa bridal shower is the perfect way to help her take a deep breath, relax and treat herself before the big day. Book a party at a local spa or set up DIY beauty treatments at home, depending on your budget and preferences. Consider starting the day off with an invigorating activity like a yoga class (make sure it’s at a beginner level so all guests feel comfortable). Working out together will make you feel good about yourself, especially if cocktails find their way into later phases of the day—now the party is guilt-free! Choose a few beauty treatments, like facials, manicures or body scrubs, and take turns playing spa attendant or teach guests how to mix up the concoctions and apply themselves. In need of at-home spa treatment ideas? We have tons on our Spa Bridal Shower Pinterest board. Serve refreshing sparkling fruit and mint-infused water and cooling dishes like this cucumber salad to keep with the theme of fresh and wholesome living. The finishing touch? Send guests away with a take-home beauty treatment like this homemade peppermint foot scrub in a colorful Treat Yourself bag.

Spa Bridal Shower Inspiration on Ultimate Bridesmaid

Image credits: Renew Yourself invite, beauty bar, homemade peppermint foot scrub, mango sushi bites, strawberry cucumber mint water, cilantro lime cucumber saladyoga bridal showerchia smoothie, Treat Yourself favor bags

Camping Bachelorette Inspiration Board

Inspired by this Hiking Hen Party in Andalusian Spain, I decided it was long past time to put together an inspiration board for one of my favorite bachelorette themes: camping (strangely almost always referred to as “glamping” in connection to a bachelorette party, no matter how glamorous or otherwise the accommodations). Whether you set out in a cool vintage trailer, pitch a tent or rent a rustic mountain cabin (like this renovated barn in upstate New York that I am seriously dying to stay in, hint hint friends and relatives), getting back to nature with your girlfriends is a relaxing escape from wedding planning and a time to recharge and reconnect. I’m slightly obsessed with this “coffee, mountains & cabins” sweatshirt (a perfect gift for the bride-to-be) and P.F. Candle Co.’s campfire-scented candle (send one home with each of your guests to remind them of your woodland retreat). Dress up the campfire area with these DIY floral camp chairs and a flower campfire mandala, and spend time cooking, sharing stories and secrets and stargazing around the fire. Find more ideas on our Camping Bachelorette Party Pinterest board. Camping Bachelorette Inspiration Board
From top to bottom, left to right: Cabin sweatshirt, vintage trailer, candle, breakfast, camp cooking, the barn, campfire drinks, mugs

Fiesta Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

Summertime and fiestas go together like tequila and limes. Which is why with just a month or so left to enjoy the season, I had to put together this fiesta inspiration board for your next bridal shower, bachelorette party or just plain ol’ backyard bash. Margaritas are a must, but try a twist with this blood orange version. I’m a bit of a taco devotee, so it was hard to pick just one to feature, but I’m smitten with these pulled pork tacos with sweet chili slaw. Keep your side dish simple with this Mexican street corn—a perfect use for the sweet, in-season kernels. To go DIY with decor, you can make your own neon papel picado bunting and even craft your own piñata—pineapple-shaped, of course! Check out more recipes and DIY decor on our Fiesta Pinterest BoardFiesta bridal shower inspirationImage Credits: Blood orange margaritas, flower crown, pulled pork tacos, “I’d Hit That” napkins, pineapple piñata, Mexican street corn, papel picado bunting, mini succulent favors.

Tropical Beach Bachelorette Inspiration

So I don’t know how things are where you live, but I’m about done with this freezing, snow-filled insanity. Winter, please stop. Naturally, I’ve has been longing for warm-weather things—sunshine on the sand, citrusy cocktails and a refreshing dip in a crystal clear pool. For a little escape therapy, I’m bringing you a tropical beach bachelorette party inspiration board. I’m digging the retro bikinis from this poolside party and had to share my favorite new summer decor idea: faux presents floating in a pool! A pair of neon shades, a travel-size bottle of sunscreen and a mini-bottle of booze in a kraft box with neon trim is the perfect start to creating your own party welcome boxes. For refreshing treats, try these raspberry and lime sangria popsicles (yep, they have alcohol, folks!) or a classic paloma—a grapefruit, lime and tequila cup of sunshine. For more tropical beach party ideas, check out our Pinterest board.

Tropical Beach Bachelorette Inspiration BoardImage credits: Poolside bachelorette, paloma cocktail, presents in the pool, bachelorette welcome box, beach umbrella pose, raspberry lime popsicles, heart sunnies, palm tree love.

Glitter and Glamor Bachelorette Inspiration Board

Lately I simply can’t get enough of everything sparkly—glitter, confetti, sequins…if it’s shiny and I can throw it in the air or glue it to something, count me in! It all started with that stunning South Carolina Glitter Bachelorette Party and now I’m in a full sparkle spiral. So of course, I had to put together an inspiration board for a Glitter and Glamor Bachelorette Bash (and an accompanying Pinterest board).
Glitter inspiration board | Ultimate BridesmaidA colorful tablescape from Rue Magazine shows confetti gone wild in the decor and I love this sparkly arrow showing the way to the party. I had to add one of my favorite bachelorette invites on Etsy, a sequined number from Socialite Paperworks. For dessert, I wanted something with ice to mimic crystal and catch the light, so I opted for this champagne rose granita. These DIY glittered heart bags are perfect for favors (can I recommend these gorgeous glitter-filled necklaces?). Finally, fill a piñata with confetti and sequins for an epic photo op—you can have the candy on the side, of course. Check out lots more sparkly ideas on my Glitter Pinterest Board.