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Spa Bridal Shower Inspiration

Is there any group of people in more desperate need of relaxation than brides-to-be? A spa bridal shower is the perfect way to help her take a deep breath, relax and treat herself before the big day. Book a party at a local spa or set up DIY beauty treatments at home, depending on your budget and preferences. Consider starting the day off with an invigorating activity like a yoga class (make sure it’s at a beginner level so all guests feel comfortable). Working out together will make you feel good about yourself, especially if cocktails find their way into later phases of the day—now the party is guilt-free! Choose a few beauty treatments, like facials, manicures or body scrubs, and take turns playing spa attendant or teach guests how to mix up the concoctions and apply themselves. In need of at-home spa treatment ideas? We have tons on our Spa Bridal Shower Pinterest board. Serve refreshing sparkling fruit and mint-infused water and cooling dishes like this cucumber salad to keep with the theme of fresh and wholesome living. The finishing touch? Send guests away with a take-home beauty treatment like this homemade peppermint foot scrub in a colorful Treat Yourself bag.

Spa Bridal Shower Inspiration on Ultimate Bridesmaid

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