Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him :: via Ultimate Bridesmaid

Men are so hard to shop for. Dads, brothers, boyfriends…all utter enigmas. Every year I tell my boyfriend that he basically just has to buy me things that are pretty or shiny and I will like them. There is no “pretty, shiny” equivalent for men. I guess maybe electronics could be a go-to category, but I think it’s a recipe for disaster to have a techno-illiterate (this girl) purchasing gadgets. So here are my suggestions for some pretty safe bets for that gentleman in your life. And none of them beep or light up.

1. Wool smartphone gloves. Did you know that there are gloves that you can keep on and still operate your iPhone?! I told my boyfriend, Andrew, about these recently, thinking I had like discovered a new element, and he was like, “oh, yeah, those have been around for awhile.” Why don’t I have a pair then?? If your gentleman does not, correct this problem stat.

2. iPad case. I love this wool and leather version in manly charcoal grey from A Mano.

3. Menscience Post-Shave Repair. Perfect for calming razor burn and probably something he wouldn’t splurge on himself.

4. Seamless and Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups. Andrew prefers to drink everything from a coffee mug. Why not one he can light on fire? Plus, I love the retro World War II-era design.

5. Concert tickets. Find out when his favorite band will be in a venue near you. Now you’ve got a date night on the books that he’ll definitely enjoy.

6. Carcassonne. Andrew actually got this game for me last year, but it turned out to be a gift for both of us because we play it so often. It’s our go-to two-person game. Once you learn how to play, it’s very simple but totally engrossing, lasts less than an hour (unlike soooome games, Monopoly) and we’re not burned out on it after a year of play!

7. Boxers and socks. This seems boring, but as I get older, I’ve realized that useful gifts are sometimes the most exciting. Plus, the one year that Andrew didn’t get his boxers and socks from his sister-in-law, Christmas was basically ruined. (I love these fair isle ones from the Gap!)

Check out my guide for the Entertainer in your life, and beauty and food finds are to come!

**I am not sponsored by any of the companies or products mentioned above and this post does not contain affiliate links. I just like this stuff.

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