Holiday Gift Guide: For the Entertainer

Hostess gifts can double as awesome stocking stuffers for those who like to entertain. Here are my go-to gift ideas to bring along to a party or wrap up for the one who is always ready to party.

1. Placemats. I have a minor addiction to the graphic placemats from Crate and Barrel. My boyfriend recently refinished our dining room table and I’m now incredibly paranoid that it’s going to get messed up. I don’t want to hide the beautiful wood under a tablecloth, so cute placemats are the perfect solution. I would literally change them every day if possible. It gives a whole new feeling to the room!

2. Coasters. I am also addicted to coasters. This makes it seem like I’m really worried about stains, but I actually am not. I think I just love having objects that are both quirky or pretty and useful. Plus, they’re an incredibly affordable way to add style to a room. I just bought these wood ones from West Elm for the holidays and love them. And this marble travel-inspired set from Anthropologie is now on my “want” list.

3. “Champagne is Always the Answer” print. Because it is. Runner up: “More Gin Please”.

4. Cute kitchen towels. Holidays = messes, so who doesn’t need a few more kitchen towels? I love these coastal cottage tea towels inspired by rural English villages.

5. Vacu Vin Wine Saver. While a bottle of wine is always appreciated, there’s always that one bottle that someone opened and poured one glass from. Enter wine savers! These are constantly in use in my house. The pump simply sucks out the excess air in the bottle, keeping your wine fresh a bit longer.

6. A board game. If their dinner parties usually end with a game, add to their collection with one of your favorites. My friend Kathleen swears by Cards Against Humanity, described as a game for “despicable and awkward people.”

Gifts guides for Beauty and Relaxation, the Foodie and the always impossible Man in Your Life to come!

**I am not sponsored by any of the companies or products mentioned above and this post does not contain affiliate links. I just like this stuff.

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