A Pink and Sky-Blue Candy Bar Shower

Oh hello, gorgeous candy bar! My eyes lit up at the sight of this flawlessly coordinated pink and sky-blue shower with a stunning candy display as the centerpiece, crowned by a rock candy tree. But even though the decor is totally envy-inducing, I think what I love most are the special moments photographer Robert Swapp managed to captured at this California shower—check out the epic high-five shared as two guests win Bride Bingo or the sweet shot of the bride thanking a friend for a gift. Plus, who can resist a bride who color coordinates with her shower? All she needs is a glass of pink champagne and she’d blend in seamlessly. IMG_1866-L 002_IMG_1883-L 003_IMG_2019-L 005001_IMG_1844-L 006 IMG_1861-L 008_IMG_2000-L 009_IMG_1902-L 010 011A_IMG_2072-L 012_IMG_2174-L 013_IMG_2186-L 014

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