Bridesmaid Dress Reviews Wanted!

Hello out there in bridesmaid world! You know what I’d like? Some honest bridesmaid dress reviews. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to shell out more than $100 (and sometimes quite a bit more) for a dress that I cannot try on, I’d really like to read a review from someone who has actually worn the dress. Hence, Real Bridesmaid Reviews, both the good and the bad. You can review anonymously so your bride won’t know the dress wasn’t your favorite, or send pictures from the wedding to show off a dress you loved. Email reviews to

Today’s review comes from my good friend Jill. New York still misses you (though I know you love being back in your home state of Nebraska!).

Dress: Forever Yours Bridesmaid Style 79105

What she thought: The bride selected this knee-length gown in black and Jill was instantly happy with the color and length. “The short length increased its potential for being worn again, which I have twice,” she said. The classic color made finding matching shoes easy and the price was amazing (less than $100). The corset back was also a plus. “I didn’t spend a dime on alterations and everyone looked superslim that day. You do need an experienced corset handler to get all the girls laced up before the wedding though.”

Price: Prices differ by vendor. Online the best price I’ve found is $125 at this retailer. However, check the vendor list at Forever Yours and visit a local store to score the best deal.