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Printable Bachelorette Game: Name 3

This printable bachelorette game is based on the board game Five Second Rule, so if you’ve ever played, you already know the basics. Each card asks you to name 3 of something. In this case, I’ve created a special deck with cards that have a wedding/love theme, so you’ll have to name things like three wedding destinations, three celebrity couples or three stripper costumes. If you name three in five seconds, you keep the card. If you can’t name three, you pass the card to the next person in the circle and they try to name three…but they can’t repeat any of your answers! Keep going until someone can name three in five seconds. The person who has the most cards at the end of the game wins.

To make this a drinking game, you drink if you fail to name three. If you succeed, everyone else drinks!

It may seem simple, but having such a short time limit will lead to some pretty hilarious answers as people are forced to spit out the first thing that comes to mind.

You’ll need:
This printable deck of cards – Click here to download the PDF for easy printing.
A five-second timer

Printable Bachelorette Game: Name 3Printable Bachelorette Game: Name 3 Printable Bachelorette Game: Name 3

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Game: What’s in Your Cell Phone?

I have to admit that I’m totally guilty of spending way too much time on my cell phone. When I go on vacation, I intentionally “cell phone detox,” which means no email, no social media, no texting—and it’s awesome. That said, why not put all our obsessive Instagramming to good use? I’ve updated the traditional “What’s in your purse” bridal shower game for the smartphone generation. Ultimate Bridesmaid presents the What’s in Your Cell Phone game

bachelorette game whats in your cell phoneI’ve created two free printable games for you. One is appropriate for a bridal shower with mixed age groups (i.e., even your mom should be able to play). The second one is designed for a bachelorette party, with questions geared toward the younger crowd that include a few racier requests. I’ve also give you the full list of questions after the jump in case you want to select the questions that you like most and create your own printout.

Don’t just pass out the sheets and let people fill in their scores though. Have the host read each question aloud and then ask guests to share their answers when appropriate. Guests can use their sheet to record their score, but make sure you keep everyone engaged and talking. Share the photos you have to hunt down, make them admit if they have Candy Crush and find out who scores the highest on rounds that award multiple points.

Make sure to download the PDF versions from the links below for the best printing results:

Bridal Shower What’s in Your Cell Phone Game

Bachelorette What’s in Your Cell Phone Game

Bridal Shower What's in Your Cell Phone Game Bachelorette What's in Your Cell Phone Game

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