Completely Custom Bridal Shower Invitations with Basic Invite

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you to customize almost every element of the invitation. I’m not just talking the font color and type here. You can literally change the color of the background and each design element to perfectly match your party theme. Below I’ve created three inspiration boards to show you the versatility of Basic Invite’s bridal shower invitations—a Kate Spade bridal shower, a Paris boudoir bridal shower and a tropical bridal shower. P.S. Brides, you’ll find equally customizable wedding invitations, wedding save the dates and more!

Kate Spade Bridal Shower

For this Kate Spade bridal shower inspiration board, I left the Basic Invite Kate Spade invitation exactly as designed since the color palette was already 100% perfect for the Kate Spade theme. Literally every element of this invitation can be customized though, from the color of the stripes to the tones of the flowers and leaves. The no-fail combination for a Kate Spade bridal shower is black and white stripes + pink flowers. Here are a few tips to put together a gorgeous Kate Spade bridal shower.

  • Adorn cookies or macarons with stripes, polka dots and cute sayings like “Pop, Fizz, Clink” and “Eat Cake for Breakfast.”
  • A bold black and white striped look for the bride is the perfect twist on traditional bridal shower white.
  • Add sparkle with a pink sequin table runner and glitter-dipped champagne glasses.
  • Don’t forget lots of pink blooms, like peonies and roses. And check out this cute bridal shower balloon game to complete the party.

Plan a Kate Spade bridal shower with these ideas. Start with a completely custom Kate Spade bridal shower invitation from Basic Invite, then add lots of black and white stripes and pink accents. Click for more ideas!

Image credits: Basic Invite Floral Stripe Bridal Shower Invitation, Kate Spade cookies and macarons, polka dot and striped straws, striped bridal shower look, balloon bridal shower game, pink sequin Kate Spade table decor, Mrs. fireplace decor, glitter-dipped champagne glasses

Paris Boudoir Bridal Shower

As the city of love, Paris is the perfect inspiration for a bridal shower. I used a French patisserie as my staring point and incorporated a classy and feminine boudoir theme to give the event a little extra French flair. I started with this Basic Invite Paris bridal shower invitation, which I customized with a few tweaks to perfectly fit the event. I updated the font, switched the bride’s name to a matte gold and added a blue accent.

  • Ask your guests to dress in comfortable and chic boudoir attire—that could mean tulle skirts and floral corsets or silky pajamas with flowing robes.
  • Set up a flower crown crafting bar or arrange for a class so that guests can create beautiful headpieces of their own.
  • French macarons are a must, of course. A signature drink like this refreshing rosé cocktail is the perfect complement.

Does the bride love Paris? Plan her a Parisian boudoir bridal shower with these ideas! Start with a completely custom Paris bridal shower invitation from Basic Invite, then add a flower crown crafting bar, a rose cocktail and plenty of macarons of course. Click for more ideas!

Image credits: Basic Invite Paris Bridal Shower Invitation, boudoir bridal shower attire, white Parisian salon decor, rosé cocktail, bridal shower slumber party, macaron bar, flower crown crafting bar

Tropical Bridal Shower

For this last inspiration board, I wanted to show you just how powerful the Basic Invite editing tool is, so I literally changed EVERY single color on their Garden Party Bridal Shower invitation. The original is on the left and my updated version is on the right.

Completely custom bridal shower invitations from Basic Invite. The invitation on the left is the original and you can see every element has been customized on the right! Perfect for a garden party bridal shower or tropical bridal shower. Click for more inspiration.

My new vibrant colors gave the Garden Party Bridal Shower Invitation from Basic Invite a more tropical vibe, perfect for a summer bridal shower. Here are a few more tips for putting together the perfect tropical bridal shower. Plus, check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

  • You’ve seen a mimosa bar at every bridal shower—switch it up with a sangria bar!
  • Incorporate tropical flowers, succulents and summer fruits like pineapples and watermelon into your decor for a lush summertime vibe.
  • Serve fresh, light dishes like summer fruit salad in a coconut shell or watermelon popsicles.

Plan a tropical bridal shower with these ideas: Start with a completely custom bridal shower invitation from Basic Invite, add a sangria bar and decorate with plenty of fresh summer fruits and flowers

Image credits: Basic Invite Garden Party Bridal Shower Invitation, palm tree balloons, sangria bar, pineapple piñata, watermelon popsicles, tropical table setting, coconut summer fruit bowls

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