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Bride-To-Be Bangle Game

I recently came across this amazing idea for a bachelorette party game on Penelope and Pip. Rachel knew her super-stylish friend wouldn’t want to wear a tacky veil all night, so she came up with another plan: The Bride-To-Be Bangle Game!

It’s like truth or dare, only the bride ends up with a gorgeous bracelet at the end! Throughout the night, guests present the bride with challenges: Truth, Dare, Memory or Love. The bride completes the challenge or shares a story, then ties the ribbon to her bangle. By the end of the night everyone has gotten to know the bride a bit better and she has a cute memento from the event. Get all the details for completing this project here.

Couples Shower: Field Day

I recently saw these images from an amazing pre-wedding field day on Pinterest and they completely inspired me. I think this concept would be perfect for a couples shower!

The photos brought me back to my days as a camp counselor and reminded me of how much fun “adults” (note the quotation marks…) can have revisiting games from our youth. My friend Nicole organized a game of kickball for her rehearsal dinner and we had an amazing time being silly and showing off our skills on the field. Old-school field day events like a three-legged race, egg toss or the fill the bucket game you see pictured above would also be great additions to the event. I love the referee they recruited (and I’m secretly hoping it’s the bride’s dad…wouldn’t that be perfect?). Personalized baseball tees would be the perfect favor for the day.

Bachelorette Games: Bar Scavenger Hunt

If you’re planning a bar crawl for a bachelorette party, think about spicing the evening up with a scavenger hunt. This game is kind of a hybrid between a scavenger hunt and truth or dare (without the truth part). The idea is to compile a list that includes objects and people to find as well as challenges and dares, which can be very generic or specific to the bride or the bars you’re visiting. For example, is there a certain bouncer at the bar who always flirts with your group? Track him down and convince him to “sell tickets to the gun show.” A regular at the kareoke bar who can be counted on to belt Lady Gaga tunes? Score points if he chooses “Bad Romance.” You can work as a group to complete the list, split into teams or compete individually to finish the list first. Make sure you take a picture as you check each item off the list (for proof and posterity!). Here are some ideas to get you started, all of which I’ve kept very focused on the bachelorette:

  • Find a guy with the same name as the groom and get him to snap a picture with the bride. +1 for each guy you find.
  • Find a penny from the year the bride was born. +1
  • If the bride’s from out of state, meet someone from her home state. (+1) Add an extra point if he or she is from her home town.
  • If you’re in the bride’s home town, find people who went to the same high school/grade school as her. (+1) Add additional points if they were actually in her class.
  • Find another bachelorette or bachelor party. Ask the brides-to-be or bride- and groom-to-be to pose together. +1
  • Ask the bartender to come up with a special drink that is “the bride’s drink.” Then start talking the drink up around the bar and convince strangers to order it by name (i.e. I’ll have The Amanda). +1 for each person who orders it.
  • Designate “the bride’s song” for the night. Get the DJ to play it at each bar. All attendees must sing. +1 each time the song is played. Double points if they play it twice in the same bar! Triple points if you develop a choreographed dance that you all do to the song.
  • Find objects that unintentionally resemble the male anatomy…you know what! +1 each.
  • Collect marriage advice. Ask people to write their advice on a napkin. If you want this to get naughtier, change this to advice for the wedding night. Target really drunk people for the best answers. +1 for each napkin you collect.
  • Pick a distinctive characteristic about the groom. Maybe he has a mustache, red hair, or always wears a shirt from his favorite college team. Now hunt down groom look-alikes. The bride must approve your choice, then snap a picture for later comparison. +1 for each look-alike you find.
  • Collect a coaster from each bar or a napkin signed by the bartender. +1 each
  • The bride needs to be carried across the threshold into every bar. Try to recruit a stranger to do the job, but in a pinch someone in your group can carry her in. You only score +1 when a stranger does the job though!

You can modify this list to make the challenges more risque if your group is daring and be sure to add a few special touches that are particular to the bride. It’s a good idea to have a printed list to take to the bar so you can keep score as you go along. Create your own custom list or use this handy printable bar scavenger hunt form I created! Continue reading

Bachelorette Games: Most Likely To…

This game can be hilarious and scandalous, but it won’t work for every bachelorette party. In order for the game to be effective, everyone in the group needs to know one another. If you’re bringing together different groups of friends (college, high school, work, etc), skip this one. This is also a good game to play midway through the night. Let’s say a few drinks in but before you head out to the club (or if you’re staying in, before things get sloppy and you start bringing up high school boyfriends or referencing incidents the bride maaaybe didn’t want mentioned…).

Anyway, here’s how to play.

Step 1. Have a couple drinks.

Step 2. Before the game, you’ll need a set of index cards and a pen. Everyone will need their own hand of cards with the names of each player on a card. So, if 7 girls are playing, each girl should hold seven cards, one for each of their fellow players and one with their own name. You can easily just scribble names on cards before you start, or if you want to get fancy, you could DIY a cool set of cards beforehand with colored paper, glitter, stickers, etc. It’s important that all the cards look the same from the back though so that no one will know which card you’re throwing down. Think deck of playing cards. Backs identical, fronts your call.

Step 3: Let the game begin! You can come up with your own idea of how to start: MOH first, bride first, youngest first. You choose. The first player presents a “Most Likely To…” situation, such as “Most Likely to Kiss a Total Stranger.” Then each player throws down the card of the person they think is “most likely to…” face down. The questioner gathers all the cards, flips them over and tallies them up. If you’re voted most likely, you drink and you also get to come up with the next scenario.

The results can be funny, sweet or revealing depending on the question. Part of the fun is just seeing who gets votes! Some scenarios will go almost exclusively to one player, but others will be split. Since you’re using the cards, you won’t know where the votes are coming from, which adds to the mystery. Unless you’re really sure your group can handle some darker questions, try to keep it friendly. For example, some groups would find “most likely to have a one-night stand” hilarious, but others would think it’s over the line. My advice is to use your judgment and steer the group away from stuff that might hurt feelings.

Here’s a list of Most Likely To… situations to get you thinking. Continue reading

Bachelorette Games: The Fiancé Quiz

I’ve done a lot of searching for bachelorette party games, and, to be honest, most seem pretty cheesy and I can’t imagine a group of grown women playing them. But there is one game I’ve played at a few parties that is always fun: The Fiancé Quiz. It’s similar to the Newlywed Game, but with only one member of the couple present. A few weeks before the party, compile a list of questions and send them to the groom-to-be with specific instructions not to mention it to his significant other. (I actually recommend putting this in the email header. One groom said he started reading my email aloud to his bride before realizing what is was and suddenly shutting up.)
The questions can range from simple, like “when is your anniversary” or “what was your first date” to scandalous, like “what’s the wildest place you’ve had sex.” I try to tailor it to the couple and always encourage the guy to throw in a few of his own (these can be some of the funniest because the guys get so specific).
I love this game because it’s usually really funny or sweet and it’s also a great way to get to know more about the couple. Chances are not all the guests will have been around when they met and some may not know the groom that well.
If you want to turn this into a drinking game (and who doesn’t), have the bride drink when she gets an answer wrong and all the guests drink when she gets one right!

Here’s a sample list of questions I’ve used in the past: Continue reading