Sorry for the short break…

Ultimate Bridesmaid has been off the radar for a few days now as New York City recovers from Hurricane Sandy. I am very lucky to live in an area of the city that remained largely untouched, with just some very high winds and lots of downed trees. We had power throughout the storm and the businesses in our neighborhood were true heroes, keeping food and water on the shelves throughout the disaster. The power returned to lower Manhattan yesterday and the city is starting to feel normal again as subway service returns and most people prepare to return to work on Monday. I’ve been working from a satellite office in midtown since Thursday with the J.Crew catalog team, trying to catch up on the time lost during the disaster.¬†My heart goes out to all those whose homes were damaged and who are still without power, food or water.

J.Crew’s makeshift office in midtown.

In an ironic twist, I did actually experience a bridesmaid-related emergency over the past few days! A friend emailed to say that her bridesmaid dress was trapped in a closed tailor’s shop below 14th street that was without power. She put out an all-points bulletin for a floor-length black gown that might serve as a substitute. Luckily, she was able to rescue the dress from the shop on Thursday!

We’ll return to our normally scheduled posts in the coming days and thanks for your understanding.